Watch the remarkable clip as one golfer has not one but two incredible slices of good fortune in an LPGA pro-am

We were having a heated debate at NCG HQ recently about whether we would rather have a hole-in-one or an albatross.

The argument was slightly for an ace is it’s the more talked-about achievement in golf – it’s what everyone asks you about. On the flipside, the lesser-spotted bird is a far rarer feat, and therefore surely more impressive, as well as being better for your scorecard.

And yet the former always feels more celebrated – particularly in the club game.

Both involve a monumental amount of good fortune, of course, but far more of us will have holes-in-one than we will albatrosses.

But one chap, playing in the LPGA Drive On Championship pro-am with Hye-Jin Choi, dropped his second on a par-5 at Superstition Mountain in Arizona. (As if that’s the real name of the club, by the way.)

What’s more – and while we’re speaking of good fortune – it just so happens that Golf Channel were testing their cameras ahead of the tournament. On that hole. While he hit that shot.

What are the chances? Probably a bit more than the feat itself, but come on, let’s watch it in all its glory…

Come for the albatross, stay for the fumbled chest-bump celebration.

Though we’re much more of a fan of Choi’s polite golf clap…

Would you rather have a hole-in-one or an albatross? Tweet us and let us know!

Alex Perry


Alex is a Devonian who enjoys wittering on about his south west roots, Alex moved north to join NCG after more than a decade in London, the last five of which were with ESPN. Away from golf, Alex follows Torquay United and spends too much time playing his PlayStation or his guitar and not enough time practising his short game.

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