This week's equipment round-up features new clubs being seeded on tour, distance measuring devices and unique patterned golf balls

As ever there is lots of new equipment to cover this week but first of all some shiny new putter and driver pictures for you all to drool over.

Justin Thomas Phantom X5.5

If you’re a Justin Thomas fan you’re in luck as he has teamed up with Scotty Cameron to release a limited edition putter just like his gamer.

When I say just like, it’s basically identical. It is even set-up with JT’s specs. (34.5 inches with 10-gram customisable stainless steel heel and toe weights.)

The small slant neck is hand welded on every putter just like JT’s which provides increased toe flow. Each putter has a raw stainless-steel finish and a unique bead blast for a radiant yet glare resistant appearance.

The face includes a special “Circle JT” emblem as well as Thomas’ signature being incorporated on the sole.

I mean the level of detail here is incredible. It will cost you though, the putters go on sale on September 22 for £849.

new Titleist driver

Available: 22nd September
RRP: £849
More information: Scotty Cameron website

New Titleist driver

Thanks to the powers of social media, new equipment is harder to keep under wraps and Ian Poulter treated us to some up close pictures of the new Titleist TS3i driver as well as the TS2i fairway woods.

I was a big fan of the TS2 driver, putting it in play all last season and these new additions look incredible.

new titleist driver

The gloss finish on the crown is recognisably Titleist and is to die for. Other interesting features are the new weight adjustability system, which is very different to what we saw in both TS2 and TS3.

new Titleist drivers

I love the new detailing on the face – you can see there are three distinct patterns so I can’t wait to see the tech story behind this.

That’s all we know for now but keep your eyes out on the website for more news in the coming weeks.

Vice Pro Drip golf ball

The new Vice Pro Drip golf ball series adds a playful twist to the increasingly popular stamped golf ball market.

new Titleist drivers

The new colour pattern takes its influence from abstract art and action painting. Rather interestingly, the pattern varies from ball to ball giving you a unique print every time you tee off.

Available: Now
RRP: £2.09 per ball
More information: Vice website

SkyCaddie LX5C watch

Everyone loves a new GPS release, especially one from SkyCaddie. I recently tested the SX400 and now they have brought some familiar tech into the new LX5C watch.

new Titleist drivers

The amount of information available through the relatively small watch screen is incredible but the touchscreen makes it well spread out and easy to view.

It is also scratch resistant: finally a watch that I don’t have to worry about damaging!

I have used this a few times on the course now and it really is a great bit of kit. Keep your eyes out for my full review coming soon.

Available: Now
RRP: £349.95
More information: SkyCaddie website

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i GII laser

In the market for a new laser? This new addition from Nikon has key features such as locked on technology to narrow in on the pin, distance measurements from 7.5 up to 1,460 metres and slope adjusted distances.

new Titleist drivers

Another great feature is the first target priority mode which ensures when you have overlapping objects the nearer subject is measured. Finally, no more zapping the trees behind the green!

Available: 18th September 2020
RRP: £349
More information: Nikon website

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