Ali Taylor is a PGA Professional based at Lytham Golf Academy, and coaches at St Anne’s Old Links.

He joined our Pro down at the Shack to talk about the best ways to help strike your irons pure..


The big thing is that as the club over down through impact we are looking to make contact with the ball and then the ground.

I think with a lot of golfers it’s a lack of understanding of the golf swing that creates the issue to begin with.

There is a key principle that we need to make sure we get right. We need to make sure that the bottoms of the arc of the golf swing is in the right place to get the correct contact.

For me, what I see is is that when most golfers swing, the bottom of the arc is way too far back.

After a discussion with the Pro Ali gives us his three key points to help hit your irons pure.

1- Low point of the swing after the ball

2- Shift your weight

3- Strike the ball followed by the ground

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