I always work on the basics, rather than get too technical, and try to make the swing shorter so I can hit all the curved shots more comfortably.

I have always found it easier to hit a draw so I work a lot on fades and hit the same amount on the course. I have a lot of practice swings; I do the swish across the body, which is an over-exaggeration of what I’m trying to produce in my swing.

If it is going wrong I really go back to the basics and square up the body to make sure everything is aligned. I have a tendency to open up my shoulders and close the feet so I will open the feet and close the shoulders so I can start the swing from a good position.

I used to think there was something wrong in my swing but I normally just need to square up. I don’t really like looking at my swing, but sometimes I do and in two years I’d like it to look simpler and shorter.

That comes with having more stability in my body. I don’t have a hard time taking divots so maybe I’d like to make it a bit shallower. I am always trying to hit the ball hard. It is getting better but is a work in process.