During a thrilling climax to the 2018 PGA Championship there was one question many people couldn’t get away from: Why was Adam Scott using two putters?

It’s one of the most unusual equipment moves of the year and even more odd because one of the putters barely saw any action.

But just to recap that’s 12 clubs and two putters. It reminded me of when Phil Mickelson famously carried two drivers.

Adam Scott using two putters

We all know that Scott has struggled on the greens since the anchoring ban came in at the start of 2016.

He won the Masters in 2013 using his broom-handle putter anchored to his chest.

After the ban came into effect Scott made many attempts to get along with a shorter putter and even got his first win in two years at the 2016 Honda Classic with a traditional length flatstick.

But the happiness was short-lived and he eventually returned to the broom-handle which he adjusted so it wasn’t anchored to his chest.

Some people are still not happy about that but we’ll perhaps debate that another day…

Adam Scott using two putters

So what’s the theory behind using two putters? Which club did he take out? And which two models did he have?

His long putter us a Scotty Cameron center-shafted Kombi Long mallet, the shorter one is a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Timeless.

It’s something we’d seen him adopt on the practice ground and he apparently had them both in the bag on Thursday and Saturday but only used one.

The theory is that the shorter putter is used for longer putts – lagging the ball up to the hole.

Adam Scott using two putters

The broom-handle is for holing out.

To make way for the extra putter Scott only used three wedges instead of four.

But I have to be honest, despite clearly seeing Scott with two putters in the bag, I didn’t see him use the shorter one at all on Sunday.

Maybe that’s because he was hitting it fairly close all the time? Maybe it’s because when the pressure is on, Scott is only truly happy with the broom-handle.

Either way, it wasn’t enough to stop Brooks Koepka storming to his third major title.

But it certainly caused a bit of a stir on social media with plenty of questions about the legality of his longer putter coming to the fore once again…