What makes a good waterproof suit? Who better to ask than a professional golfer who when he’s not winning tournaments himself, he’s helping others make the right choice.

Matt Fieldsend plays on the Euro Pro Tour and was recently crowned the Galvin Green PGA Assistants’ Champion 2017.

So when playing 36 holes in a day, checking the weather forecast and getting the right kit is essential.

“You need to obviously look at the forecast and plan what you’re going to need for the week of a tournament.

“If you’ve got some early tee times you know it might be a bit cooler to start with and then warm up a bit later on.

“The ability to have options and different layers is key and that’s where the Galvin Green gear really comes into its own.”

“The technology in the Galvin gear really helps – it’s incredible what they have been able to do with all the different styles. And their layering system really helps you plan what you are going to need.

“For me personally the Insula jumpers are absolutely perfect if it’s a little bit chilly and you just need that extra layer but as it gets warmer they are still breathable and comfortable.

“And with the outer layers the ability to still be able to swing and not be restricted is massive.”

But as well as getting himself kitted out properly, he also gives advice to customers in the pro shop.

“The fact there are so many options allows them to get an outfit that’s really tailored to their needs,” he said.

“They aren’t put off by the price tag because they know it performs better than anything else out there.

“Helping people to get the right sizes is really important. There are so many size options so it’s easy to get the customer what they need.

“The feedback has been great. Anyone who has bought a suit and then plays in a deluge will always come in and say how dry the suit has kept them.

“It means they can enjoy their drink in the clubhouse in dry clothes!”

More information can be found on the Galvin Green website.