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Best Golf Trousers 2024

The best of the best! We roundup the best men’s golf trousers in 2024


In this 2024 buying guide for the best golf trousers, we’ve compiled first-hand reviews of some of the latest options available. Whether you prefer brands like FootJoy, Puma, Ping, Adidas, Under Armour or Callaway, we’ve got options to match your body type and personal style.

What the NCG team have done this year is simply put to the test the main brands you would expect to be listed but also some you might never have heard of. All we ask is that you take a look at the items below and either stay with what you know or break the mould and potentially try something new.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of men’s golf trousers, there are several factors to keep in mind: comfort, fit, fabric, breathability, price and, of course, style.

We’ve gathered a selection of top-quality men’s golf trousers that hopefully tick these boxes.

Best Golf Trousers 2024

Callaway Chevron Tech Trouser

5 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Gillon Fabbroni

I think trousers can be an undervalued part of golf equipment.

In my experience, uncomfortable trousers can negatively affect your play. I tried the Chevron Tech trousers from Callaway and was extremely impressed.

They are made from 89% poyester and 11% elastane. This makes them light and extremely comfortable. They have an active waistband and with their flex fabric, they do not hinder your swing.

The subtle rubber Callaway logos on the inside of the waistband helps to keep your shirt tucked in. Some lightweight trousers can feel a bit flimsy but these have enough substance to them to hit a nice balance.

They have two front/side pockets and two back pockets, one of which is buttoned.

The Callaway logo above the back pocket is understated and looks classy.

They are a standard fit and the 32” leg was perfect for me (5’10”/178cm).

Overall these are one of the best looking and performing golf trousers I have tried.  


  • Classy Looks 
  • Excellent performance 
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Machine Washable 


  • None

RRP – £60

SIZES: WAIST 30-40 / LEG 30-34 

COLOUR: Night Sky / Asphalt / Caviar / Quarry

More info – Callaway Chevron Tech Trouser

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

Puma Dealer Tailored Golf Pants

4.5 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Matt Chivers

When I first slipped these golf pants on, I was sceptical about the fit around my waist and the initial feeling of discomfort. However, once I got moving and swinging, I was very impressed, and my initial fears had subsided.

In terms of the look, I was very pleased with the formal, black colour and I felt prepared and ready for golf.

Puma have instilled a classic look with these golf pants and I was very pleased with their fit and performance overall.

Although the pants looked and felt slim on my legs, they were not tight. In fact, they were light and particularly roomy around the ankle which benefitted my freedom of movement.

With two back pockets and two side pockets, with two smaller ones inside the side pockets, these pants were extremely practical out on the course.

The material is soft and evidently durable and although Puma has not chosen a lavish, out-there design with these pants, they would certainly hold an important place in you golf wardrobe as they can be worn both on and off the course.


  • Smart and formal 
  • Smart off the course 
  • Roomy by the ankles
  • Fair price compared to competitors 


  • Some golfers may prefer more colour

RRP – £55

SIZES: 30-38 waist / 30-34 leg

COLOUR: Black / Slate Sky / Ash Gray / Navy Blazer

More info – Puma Dealer Tailored Golf Pants

Oscar Jacobson Flat Front Desmond Trouser

4.5 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Tom Bullough

As part of the 2024 Summer collection, Oscar Jacobson have released their Desmond trouser as part of the range. My first impressions were really positive, a great staple for your outfits, plain colour, smart and a nice feel to them.   

The trousers are built with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry even in those high pressure matches or in the inevitable summer showers. The stretch construction provides excellent freedom of movement suitable for all sorts of positions you find yourself in on the golf course.  

Whether you’re teeing off or socialising after your round these trousers offer ample style and functionality to be added to your golfing wardrobe for the season ahead.  

Overall I think these are a great addition for your wardrobe this summer, a perfect item for your weekend golf, stylish, practical and ideal for both on and off the golf course. 


  • Stylish  
  • Practical 
  • Good amount of stretch


  • Pricey

RRP – £89.99 

SIZES: 30-42 Waist / 29-33 Leg

COLOUR: Navy / Black / Graphite

More info – Oscar Jacobson Desmond Flat Front trouser

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

Stuburt Urban II Trouser

4.5 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Tom Bullough

Stuburt have been a long-standing British golf apparel brand for over 100 years, this year however they have made some real noise on the apparel scene.

With recent partnerships for three LIV teams and some excellent apparel releases for the general public it would be no surprise to see the Stuburt brand much more often.

Here I got the chance to review the Urban II trouser (French Navy).

I liked the look of the trousers straight away, clean colours, subtle branding and the material felt high quality.

I was most impressed by the fit of the garment, I do prefer a slimmer fit and these were some of the best fitting trousers I have had.

There is also three colourways available, all of which look very smart and perfect for a day of golf.

Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to extend their golfing wardrobe, but would suggest trying a pair on to ensure the slim fit sits well for the individual. 


  • Really clean look  
  • Great fit  
  • Excellent price point 


  • Would recommend trying them on as they are a slim fit 

RRP – £49.99

SIZES: Waist 30-40 / Leg 29-33

COLOUR: Black / French Navy / Slate Grey

More info – Stuburt Urban II Trouser

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

Farah Judson Trousers

4 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Tom Bullough

Another release from Farah in time for the golf season this year is the Judson performance golf trouser.

I really enjoyed wearing this item on the golf course, they were extremely comfortable, fitted really nicely and look smart. They are constructed with lightweight breathable fabric to ensure you stay cool through the summer, but also have plenty of mobility when reading putts or playing some peculiar looking shots! 

A couple of my favourite features of the trousers is how well they fit and the storage in the pockets. The tailored fit sits very nicely down your legs and ankles without being too tight around your waist which is makes for a comfortable, smart round of golf.

Similarly with the pockets, two at the front and two at the back with plenty of depth gives you ample space to fill your pockets with the necessities for 18 holes.  

Overall, I would definitely recommend this garment, the price point is excellent, really clean look and comfortable; everything you need for a staple pair of black golf trousers. 


  • Smart 
  • Comfortable  
  • Excellent price point 


  • Limited sizing options

RRP – £59.95 – reduced to £30 – whilst stock lasts

SIZES: Waist 30-36 / Leg 29-33 

COLOUR: Black / Shadow

More info – Farah Judson Performance Trouser Black; Farah Judson Performance Trouser Shadow

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

Puma Dealer Golf Joggers

4.5 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Matt Chivers

Golf joggers is a fast-growing market and one that is becoming more and more popular by the year.

I am one of the many to jump on the bandwagon. These golf joggers are very comfortable and although wearing them while playing is still frowned upon by many, the comfort and relaxation factors are worth breaking the ice.

The tapered bottom relieves pressure on the ankles, and it allows for a little bit of air around your legs.

The fabric is stretchy and versatile and there was no worry of these golf joggers not fitting or spanning the length of my legs.

From a purely personal perspective, I would prefer the darker colours available (black or Navy Blazer perhaps) as opposed to the Ash Gray colour that I had on.

Nonetheless, the practical design of these golf joggers is similar to the Puma Dealer Tailored Golf Pants with the back pockets, side pockets and the smaller pockets within the side ones.

All in all. I was very pleased with these golf joggers.  


  • Stretchy and versatile 
  • Breathable fit 
  • Tapered bottom


  • Ash Gray colour a little light

RRP – £60

SIZES: 30-38 waist / leg 32 only

COLOUR: Black / Ash Gray / Navy Blazer

More info – Puma Dealer Golf Joggers

Ping Bradley Trouser

best golf polos 2024
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Matt Coles

Golf trousers for wear throughout the warm, summer months must be light, comfortable and stretchy. The PING Bradley Trouser for 2024 ticks all of those boxes.

Despite being designed as a slim-leg trouser; the Bradley offers room for movement while staying comfortable throughout a round.

The stretch design can be felt when bending down to put a tee in the ground, or when picking the ball out of the hole, with the trousers barely riding up your leg at these times.

The material allows for quick drying if you do get caught in a shower whilst out on the course.

The Bradley Trouser comes equipped with four pockets, two front and two back, and all four are deep enough to keep balls, tees, gloves, scorecards and even mobile phones safe and dry.

The Bradley Trouser comes in a wide range of colourways, including black, navy and grey to provide buyers with a choice.

At £65, they may not be the cheapest trousers on the market, but they should be a must-buy if you’re adding to your wardrobe for the 2024 season! 


  • Comfortable 
  • Good fit 
  • Light and airy 
  • Deep pockets 
  • Range of colours 


  • None

RRP – £65 

SIZES: 30-42 Waist / Short – Regular – Long – Extra Long Leg

COLOUR: Black / Navy / Clay / Asphalt / Dark Mineral / Pearl Grey

More info – Bradley Trouser | Ping Europe

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Peter Millar Bingham Performance 5 Pocket Trouser

4.5 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Mike Robertson

Peter Millar apparel is always very clean, classy and well-tailored. They’re the brand I wear more than any other, so was delighted to receive pieces in the new SS24 range for testing.

The first thing I noticed about the Bingham trousers was that they could easily be worn off the course as well. Perfect for a day in the office then heading to the course.

Once I’d tried them on, I was really pleased with how stretchy the fabric is. There is no restriction anywhere, so swinging a club was no issue at all – even though they are quite a slim fit.

The five pockets come in handy and give the trousers more of a chino look, even though the fabric is more of a performance variety. 

The Peter Millar Bingham trousers are definitely being added to my wardrobe and will get a lot of wear out on the course this summer. They are a really classic design and look very smart. 


  • Very comfortable fabric 
  • Nice, tailored fit 
  • Easily worn off the course as well 


  • Pricey but very good quality

RRP – £130 

SIZES: Waist 30-40 / Leg 30-34

COLOUR: Black / British Grey / Navy

More info – Bingham Performance Five-Pocket Pant | Men’s Pants | Peter Millar

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

Glenmuir g.Ross Lightweight Stretch Performance Golf Trouser

4 star review
Best golf trousers

Reviewed by Paul Miller

I am a massive fan of Glenmuir jumpers and polos but have never worn any of the trousers. I was therefore excited to see if I would be rating the trousers 5 out 5, just like the polos and jumpers.

There is no doubt the name of the trouser – namely lightweight and stretch – is spot on. They are unbelievably light in the hand and offer a good amount of stretch.

As someone who often struggles to get into trousers, due to my tennis score trouser measurements of forty-thirty, I am happy to report that for those of the more stockier build you will not have to squeeze into these trousers! This is down to the elasticated waistband and stretchable fabric.

As you begin walking you do notice they are quite noisy – similar to the sound that waterproof trousers give off when you walk. They are like a hybrid between a waterproof and stretchy golf trouser. This does not bother me whilst on the course but would put me off wearing them in social situations.

Overall these trousers are lightweight, stretchy, water repellent and are an ideal fit for those of a more stockier build. For those that like tartan then you are in luck as this is one of the four colour options. They are pricy but currently available at a good discount at The Golf Shop Online.

The only thing preventing me from giving them 5 out of 5 is the waterproof like noise they give off when walking and so might not be for all.


  • Lightweight  
  • Stretchy  
  • Comfortable


  • Noisy when walking

RRP – £70 

SIZES: Waist 32-42 / Leg 29-33

COLOUR: Black / Light Grey / Navy / Tartan

More info – ROSS – Mens Performance Golf Trousers


Sorry, no prices available at this time.

FootJoy Regular Fit Trousers

5 star review
best golf trousers

Reviewed by Paul Miller

Being shortish (5ft 10) and stocky trying to find trousers can sometimes be a bit tricky!

My derriere can sometimes present a real challenge to trousers hoping to stay in-tact after all the bending undertaken during a 3-4 hour round of golf!

Did the Footjoy Performance Trouser pass this sternest of tests?

There is no doubt these trousers provide a level of comfort and stretch that are superb for the stockier individual. In fact, I would go as far to say they are the most breathable golf trousers I have ever worn. As such, there is no need to size up as the fit is generous.

The stretch silicon gripper inside the waistband is also a great touch as it keeps the shirt in place when swinging the golf club. 

Overall, Footjoy has truly hit the mark with these Performance Golf Trousers.

Not the cheapest trouser on the market but after wearing them I would have no qualms purchasing them due to their generous fit and comfort. 


  • Breathable 
  • Terrific stretch 
  • Silicon gripper inside the waistband


  • No bright colour options

RRP – £69.99 

SIZES: Waist 30-42 / Leg 30-36

COLOUR: Navy / Black / Grey / Khaki

More info – FootJoy Regular Fit Trouser

Abacus Kildare Trousers

best golf polos 2024
best golf trousers

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

This is the successor to the popular Cleek Flex trouser and I have to say it is even better.

The material is a lightweight polyester weave which now has 8% Spandex (from 4%) for extra stretch and this small change really did improve the fit around the waist for me.

There is a standard zipper fly and two button closure with four roomy pockets. There is now no logoing going on, just a small tab at the top of the front right pocket that matches the waistband. I think this is cool and understated.

I tested the version in navy, which is one of three colours available. The 32/30 fitted true to size. I might add that the style is slim fitting so these might not be the ideal gear for you retired prop forwards. 

On the course, these lightweight trousers performed very well. The Drycool fabric offers wicking and breathability. I’ve also noticed that, if you do get caught in a shower, they dry pretty quickly, which is an added bonus.  

The only thing that marked the Kildare down for me was that it lacks a gripper waistband. Other than that, I think they’re just about perfect. 


  • Premium feel and fit. 
  • Quality construction. 
  • Quick drying. 


  • No gripper waistband


Sizes: Waist 28-42 / Leg 30-34 

Colours: Clam / Navy /Black

More info: Abacus Kildare trousers

Original Penguin Performance Lightweight Golf Jogger

5 star review
best golf trousers

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

Can a 47-year-old man get away with joggers? It’s always felt like a step too far for me on the course, but Original Penguin’s lightweight golf jogger ends any such concerns. 

Living up to their tag – they weigh barely anything – the mix of polyester and elastane gives way to a traditional looking flat front and button area. 

These look much like a ‘normal’ golf trouser at the waist, a classic design in both in shape and feel. That is until you reach the bottom which consists of a jogger-style hem and small zip. 

These joggers are incredibly comfortable, they pivot around the body through the swing, and perform very well in both heat and inclement conditions.  

The elasticated waistband almost makes a belt optional – I’d still wear one for fashion purposes – and the silicone grip does an excellent job of ensuring your shirt remains within the joggers.  

Two front and back pockets means you’ve got plenty of space for all your essentials. I may never lose a ball-marker again.  

If only all golf joggers were like this, I’d probably own more of them. 


  • Classic design appeals to traditionalists 
  • Silicone grip is superb
  • Lots of pockets


  • None


Sizes: Waist 32-38

Colours: Caviar

More info: Original Penguin Performance Lightweight Golf Jogger

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

Under Armour Drive 5 Pocket Pants

4.5 star review
best golf trousers

Reviewed by Matthew Beedle

Under Armour are my go-to when it comes to any golf apparel, you know you’re getting excellent quality when you get your hands on their products. 

The Drive 5 Pocket Pants are no different and offer a great modern option with a streamlined fit that sits perfectly at the top of your golf shoe rather than some that would usually overlap. 

The four-way stretch material feels great and offers a comfortable fit, while the internal gripped waist band prevents your polo shirt from annoyingly becoming untucked during your swing. And, if you encounter any rain out on the course, the UA Storm technology will help keep your legs dry. 

My only drawback from the trousers would be that they felt slightly tight around the thigh area to the point you can clearly see if anything is in your pockets. However, this has no impact on your swing, and they still fit perfectly around the waist and lower leg. 

Overall, they’d be a great purchase for anyone looking to add an excellent, lightweight pair of golf trousers to their wardrobe this summer and will come in handy for those late-night summer evenings or early morning starts when the temperature isn’t quite at its peak and shorts aren’t quite the best option. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable  
  • Great quality 


  • Tighter around thigh area


Sizes: Waist 30-42 / Leg 30-34

Colours:  Black / Halo Grey / Khaki / Midnight Navy

More info: Under Armour Drive 5 Pocket Pants

Adidas Go-To 5-Pocket Golf Trousers

5 star review
best golf trousers

Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

These are the only pair of summer trousers you need. Actually, you might want more than one colour.

The Adidas Go-To 5-Pocket trouser are a light weight, tapered regular fit and I love how they feel whilst wearing.

They have a fair amount of stretch compared to your traditional chino, so they remain comfy in all situations, from teeing off to squatting down to line up your golf ball.

I love the jean style 5 pocket design, nothing ever falls out of your pockets. I have worn these trousers on the course, on the range, in golf lessons, to the pub and out for dinner. They are brilliant for golf and have great off course appeal too.

Adidas offer these trousers in 4 different colours and I am not embarrassed to admit if I owned all 4 they I would likely never have to wear a different pair of trousers again. 


  • Tapered fit 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Great pockets 


  • I would wear them so much they would wear out 


Sizes: Waist 30-40 / Leg 30-34

Colours: Collegiate Navy/Black/Aluminium/Pink Strata

More info: Adidas Go-To 5-Pocket Trousers

Sorry, no prices available at this time.

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Best Golf Trousers 2024

In conclusion, our review of the best golf trousers 2024 has provided us a great mix of products across numerous brands. From the traditional appeal of the FootJoy Regular fit to the modern design of the Original Penguin and Puma joggers, there’s something for every golfer’s taste.

The choice is ultimately yours to make, but remember, the best trousers are those that makes you feel comfortable and have longevity. Often paying a bit more can be worth it in the long run. Here’s to finding your perfect pair of trousers!

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