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Top 5 golf slots that are played in The Netherlands


Golf is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and with this being a Ryder Cup year and excitement of a larger audience due to the impact of the Netflix documentary series Full Swing, there is no surprise that for those who like to play slots at the online casino of Kansino there is a crossover that sees a whole host of swinging golf play.

In this article, we will explore 5 of the best golf slots in the Netherlands today, bringing together the best of links play, the putting green, and your favourite slot play. In fact, sports slots in online casino platforms are very popular. Slots are easy to learn, they are loads of fun, and the action keeps on coming, with bonuses on offer, and no need to have experience of playing at a casino. On top of that there are so many different themes and designs to get your juices flowing.

What is the average RTP on golf slots?

The average RTP (Return to Player) rate for an online slot is about 96%. An appealing pay-out percentage is deemed to be around 96.5% and anything above that, and you can see some slots with an even more unusual high rate. It is important to pay attention to payback or Return to Player whenever you are choosing to play the slots at an online casino.

What it means is that a slot game with 95% RTP will see players lose an average of 5% of money staked on the game over a long period of time. Whereas slots have an average online RTP of 96%, other games such as blackjack have a higher RTP of 99.28%. Within the world of online slots, the golf games we’ve selected below have an RTP:

·  Golden Tour = 97.7%

·  The Argyle Open = 96%

·  The Back Nine = 94.62%

·  Lucky Shot = 94.18%

·  Hole in Won = 93%

The higher the RTP, the better in the long-term for the player, so as you can see, the majority of golf slots have slightly lower RTP rates than the average slots, whilst The Argyle Open and Golden Tour are at the average or higher rate of return.

Best golf slots: our top 5

If you’re ready to tee off and have all the excitement of an 18-hole round of golf, our review of some of the best golf slots at online casinos. You’ll be transported onto the course, with the fairways in front of you and 18 greens to putt through, putting your way to greatness. 

1. Golden Tour

A Playtech slot game, Golden Tour is really easy to play, with the basic visuals and simple controls making it a good game for even first-timers at the slots. There are great bonus features, a progressive jackpot with potential huge pay-outs too!

The progressive jackpot is one of the biggest selling points, and even though there are only five pay lines, you can win left to right and right to left. This makes it a unique offering for online slots, and it is an exciting time to be on tour, with a fast pace and big wins on the horizon. Golf balls and golf carts are just some of the golf-related symbols on the slots to get you excited about life on the course. The RTP on Golden Tour is 97.7%. 

2. The Argyle Open

A fantastic golf slot game from Microgaming, The Argyle Open brings you the prestige of a big Open golf tournament with pleasant design and golf-relevant artwork that brings you right to the heart of the action. There are plenty of bonuses that you can claim, free spins, and a simple play mechanism that makes it easy to pick up and play, even if you’re an amateur on the green and on the slots. An absolute masterpiece of a golf slot, just swing and aim, with progressive jackpot games and wild symbols and scatter symbols.

Microgaming has made its name with sports-based slot games, and a golf-themed slot was always going to be a winner. There are five reels, four rows, and as far as pay lines are concerned, there are 40 winning lines. A Tournament Bonus provides another way to win big, with three competitive stages to compete. The RTP is 96% at The Argyle Open. 

3. The Back Nine

A golf-themed slot from Rival Gaming, this is a high quality slot game based on the back nine holes of a classic golf course. It provides a great challenge for golfers to putt with the lowest number of strokes they can possibly do it in. The wheel rotates with a hidden golf course underneath a range of symbols.

The fewer the number of strokes, the better the chance of picking up some free spins, some bonuses and more prizes. The Back Nine brings the authentic feel of a golf tournament to an online casino platform. The advanced design brings to life a 3D course with nine new holes, great sounds, and loads of features and bonus rounds. It is a relaxing game with 94.62% RTP. 

4. Lucky Shot

Simple design and simple gameplay win the day with the Lucky Shot golf-themed slot game. Golf lends itself well to the slots, as we’ve already seen, and that is definitely the case with Lucky Shot. It has an upbeat soundtrack to keep you pumped, and a neat and tidy design and production that makes it easy to see the symbols.

There are a range of RTP within Lucky Shot, but the default value is 94.18%.There are 8 pay symbols in the game, with the dynamic pay line on the right hand side next to the playing field, like old-school slot machines. Beavers, golf equipment, and golf characters are valuable, with cup symbols paying out even in sets of one or two, and you must land three cup symbols when playing with 3 coin bet setting to get the pay-out. A low default RTP and no gameplay features to talk about, but with Lucky Shot you’ve got a simple, old fashioned slot to have some fun with! 

5. Hole in Won

A five reel layout which is unusual compared to other slots in how vivid and colourful it is, Hole in Won is a real winner. You’ll see a golfer, confused and looking for his ball, an eagle with a golf club (this is the Wild symbol!), and other characters that entertain!

The bonus round is also quirky too, with players testing their luck with the skill of a nine-hole golf course and to aim for a hole in one! It’s a different take on the other golf slots in this list. Each spin has colourful golf-themed symbols such as golf shoes, caddies and carts. There is a 93% RTP with Hole in Won.

As you can see, there is a wide variation of golf-themed slots that are popular in the Netherlands and beyond. Bringing the best of the golf world to the online casino, you can strike for a hole in one, stay poised on the putting green, and look for the colourful, wild symbols that will help you win the bonus jackpots! If you love the passion of golf and the slots, there’s no better time to combine the two at your favourite online casino.

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