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The Top 10 Must-Know Golf Tournaments for Every Golf Enthusiast


Embarking on the thrilling journey of the PGA Tour’s “Super Season” since mid-summer 2020 has been a riveting experience for golf enthusiasts worldwide.

As the wraparound season schedule unfolds, the quest for the coveted FedEx Cup is currently in full swing. Amidst the excitement, a pertinent question arises: what distinguishes a golf tournament as one of the biggest?

Is it the allure of substantial prize money, the international draw of top players, or perhaps the esteemed history of the host event? The answer lies in a blend of these factors.

Renowned golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Jordan Spieth add an irresistible allure, becoming key attractions for tournaments vying to shine on the schedule and hoist the trophy on Sunday.

While each tournament aspires to assemble the strongest field, logistical quirks like inconvenient calendar placements, such as the Puerto Rico Open and the Valero Texas Open, can pose challenges.

The team behind Casinosnotongamstop unravels the essence of the most significant tournaments in every PGA season that demand your attention and anticipation! We start with the Big 4, followed by 6 just as good alternatives.

The term “Big 4” in golf typically refers to the four major championships in the sport, similar to the Grand Slam in tennis. These prestigious tournaments are considered the most significant and prestigious events on the annual golf calendar. The Big 4 in golf are:

The Masters

Held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA The Masters is the first major of the year. The Masters distinguishes itself as the most exclusive among the major golf championships, complete with its unique set of regulations and terminology.

Attendees are referred to as “patrons,” and running on the property is strictly prohibited. Annually in April (with the notable exception of 2020), the world’s elite golfers assemble on this revered terrain, showcasing their ingenuity and prowess in pursuit of the coveted Green Jacket.

Renowned figures in golf, including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus, and Hideki Matsuyama, a celebrated figure in Japan, have claimed victory in one or more tournaments hosted on what is now widely considered to be a sacred venue for pretty much any golfer in the world.

US Open

A fixture played annually around Father’s Day in June, the U.S. open stands as an unwavering test of a golfer’s mettle. Under the stewardship of the United States Golf Association (USGA), the tournament is renowned for pushing players to their limits, with a deliberate aim to maintain scores close to par.

This steadfast commitment to difficulty has sparked debates over fairness, yet many appreciate the challenge as a refreshing departure from tournaments where players frequently achieve scores well under par.

The U.S. Open follows a rotational pattern, featuring different courses every few years. Among these, Pebble Beach Golf Links stands out as one of the most iconic and challenging venues.

The tournament occasionally introduces new courses into the rotation, adding an element of unpredictability to the already demanding competition. Thanks to its open nature, amateurs with a low enough USGA handicap index are afforded the opportunity to test their skills alongside seasoned professionals by attempting to qualify.

This unique aspect contributes to the tournament’s allure, fostering an environment where aspiring amateurs can challenge themselves on the grand stage of one of golf’s most demanding competitions.

The Open Championship

The Open is the oldest of the four majors. Similar to the U.S. Open, it features a rotating set of links-style courses in the UK. Taking place in July, this championship provides a spotlight for links golf, showcasing the sport in its ancestral homeland.

What sets this tournament apart is the intriguing discourse surrounding the luck of the draw, where weather conditions significantly impact players’ chances of making the cut or clinching victory. Battling winds and rain that have famously contorted flags, The Open offers a unique spectacle of creativity and golf not often witnessed in the United States.

It’s a stage where players’ adaptability to challenging weather conditions becomes a crucial factor.

PGA Championship

Organized by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA of America), the PGA Championship is held at various locations in the United States.

Affectionately known as “Glory’s last shot” as a nod to its traditional placement as the final major despite its new May schedule. In contrast to its counterparts, the PGA Championship, hosted by the Professional Golfer’s Association of America (PGA of America), showcases a milder playing field, held at various courses.

An outstanding aspect of this championship is the participation of PGA Teaching Pros who qualify, making a compelling run at the leaderboard and earning the opportunity to play alongside Tour Pros. This element adds a distinctive flavor to the tournament, creating a dynamic where teaching professionals share the stage with established tour players.

Undoubtedly, the PGA Championship stands out as a major tournament that truly resonates with the players, maintaining a special place within the golfing community.

Note! The 4 major championships mentioned above attract the best golfers from around the world and are crucial in determining a golfer’s legacy and career achievements. Winning one or more majors is a significant accomplishment and often a key factor in assessing a player’s place in the history of the sport.

WM Phoenix Open

Formerly known as The Waste Management Open, WM Phoenix Open is an exuberant and uniquely entertaining tournament that provides fans and golfers alike with a delightful experience on the course.

Recently renamed, this event unfolds over the Super Bowl weekend at the iconic TPC Scottsdale, offering a distinctive blend of competitive golf and festive revelry.

One of the standout features is the famed Stadium Hole, which transforms into a raucous spectacle with tens of thousands of enthusiastic, often spirited fans. What makes this tournament particularly enjoyable is the players’ opportunity to loosen up and inject a sense of fun into their game.

The relaxed atmosphere encourages memorable moments on and off the course, adding an element of camaraderie and entertainment to professional golf.

TOUR Championship

The prestigious TOUR Championship has found its home exclusively at the esteemed East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia, since 2004. Prior to that, it graced the same venue every even-numbered year from 1998.

The tournament’s rich history is intertwined with this iconic location, known for its challenging layout and historic significance in the world of golf.

In recent years, the tournament underwent a strategic change by flipping the nines, ensuring that the event concludes with a more accessible and exhilarating par 5, rather than concluding on the previously quirky par 3. This modification not only adds an intriguing twist to the course’s dynamics but also ensures an exciting and potentially dramatic finish to this high-stakes competition.

The Tour Championship holds a distinctive place in the golfing calendar as the ultimate culmination of the PGA Tour season. Beyond the thrill of competition, it serves as the grand stage for the crowning of the FedEx Cup champion.

The stakes are exceptionally high, with the victor walking away with a staggering 15 million dollars in prize money, making it one of the most lucrative prizes in professional golf.

the Memorial Tournament

Held annually on the weekend following Memorial Day, the Memorial Tournament is a prestigious event that allows golfers to pay homage to the legendary Jack Nicklaus at his namesake course.

Taking place at the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, the tournament is not only a celebration of golf but a tribute to one of the sport’s greatest icons.

What sets the Memorial Tournament apart is Jack Nicklaus’s hands-on approach to course design. He introduces unique elements and strategic quirks to Muirfield Village, aiming to test the skills of contemporary golfing greats and curb the trend of sheer power dominating the game.

The exclusive nature of the tournament ensures that only the finest players, eager to showcase their prowess on this iconic course, grace the competition. This results in an elevated level of play and intensifies the competition, providing spectators with a captivating showcase of skill and sportsmanship.

The PLAYERS Championship

Having undergone a notable schedule relocation from May to March, the Players Championship has become a standout event in the annual PGA Tour lineup.

Hosted at the picturesque TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, this tournament offers a unique and formidable challenge to the world’s top professional golfers.

The venue, meticulously designed by Pete Dye, is renowned for its signature final three holes – Hole 16, Hole 17, and Hole 18 – widely considered among the most daunting finishes on the entire Tour.

The strategic design begins with Hole 16, a par five featuring water hazards lurking ominously to the right, demanding precision and strategic decision-making. Moving on to Hole 17, players face the infamous island green, an iconic and nerve-wracking challenge that has become one of the most recognizable features in golf. Concluding the round on Hole 18, golfers contend with water lining the entire left side, requiring unwavering focus and execution to avoid a potentially costly finish.

President’s Cup

The President’s Cup is a biennial men’s golf competition established in 1994, featuring a team representing the United States against an international team comprising non-European players.

The tournament mirrors the Ryder Cup but expands the competition beyond Europe. Teams compete in various match-play formats, including foursomes, four-ball, and singles matches, earning points for each victory. The event rotates host venues worldwide, showcasing renowned golf courses and providing a platform for global talent.

Characterized by its closely contested history and efforts to enhance competitiveness, the Presidents Cup fosters camaraderie and sportsmanship among the world’s top golfers. Team captains have the authority to make “Captain’s Picks,” selecting players based on performance and team dynamics. With a point system determining the victor, the Presidents Cup has become a significant biennial event, offering fans an opportunity to witness international golf competition at the highest level.

Solheim Cup

The Solheim Cup is a biennial women’s golf competition established in 1990, featuring teams from Europe and the United States competing in a match-play format.

Similar to the Ryder Cup, this spirited event showcases intense competition between top female golfers from both continents. The teams, selected based on various qualifying criteria, compete in foursomes, four-ball, and singles matches, earning points for victories.

The competition has become a significant highlight in the women’s golf calendar, fostering a sense of camaraderie and patriotism among players and fans alike.

Hosted at different venues worldwide, the Solheim Cup has a rich history of competitive and thrilling contests, with both European and U.S. teams experiencing victories. The event has contributed to the global elevation of women’s golf, creating traditions and a passionate atmosphere marked by national pride. With its unique format, dynamic team dynamics, and global celebration of women’s golf talent, the Solheim Cup remains a prestigious and eagerly anticipated biennial showcase of the best in women’s golf.

The PGA-PIF Merger

On June 6, 2023, a groundbreaking development emerged as the PGA Tour, PGA European Tour, and LIV Golf jointly announced their intent to consolidate their commercial rights into a unified, for-profit entity.

Under this arrangement, the Saudi Public Investment Fund, a key financier of LIV Golf, will initially function as the “exclusive investor” in the newly formed entity and retain the right of first refusal for subsequent investments. Despite this financial consolidation, the administrative oversight of events by the three entities will remain unaffected.

Importantly, the PGA Tour, as a sanctioning body, will continue to operate as a 501(c)6 non-profit organization, preserving its existing status. Whether any new major tournaments will come to life following the merger is pure speculation at this point. However, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we spot any new developments.


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