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Bad Ragaz | NCG Top 100s: European Golf Resorts

The leading Swiss resort on the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is one of the most luxurious places you’ll find on the list. The building has been around since the 13th Century, and includes stunning rooms, suites and gastronomy. Add a championship golf venue on to that and you have a luxurious golfing resort.

The course itself is surprisingly flat considering its location at the foot of the Alps. However, Golf Club Bad Ragaz has tree-lined fairways and stunning views of the mountains in the distance to distract golfers during a round. The course continues to be the host of the European Legends Tour, with the Swiss Seniors Open taking place annually in the month of July.

Away from the course, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a jaw-dropping hotel, and provides astonishing luxury in its rooms. It is split into four sections - the Grand Hotel Quellenhof, Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz, Hotel Palais Bad Ragaz and the Spa Suites. Each provides their own little slice of luxury, coming in the form of rooms, suites and family rooms.

There are a range of restaurants available at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, providing food for all guests, while the luxury spa helps guests to relax and unwind during a stay in the Swiss mountains. Add on a wonderful Children’s Villa and Family Spa, and you’ve got a stunning golf resort to bring the family to. 

Due to the temperature dropping and the average snowfall thanks to its location at the foot of the Alps, golfers are only able to play at Golf Club Bad Ragaz through the summer months. However, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz stays open throughout the year, providing guests with all of the usual services.
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Bad Ragaz Overview | NCG Top 100s: European Golf Resorts

Golf Amongst The Trees

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the only resort in Switzerland to have two of its own golf courses: the 18-hole Championship Course and the 9-hole Executive Course. The Championship Course was inaugurated in 1905, and remains one of the oldest golf resorts in the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list.

The venue is relatively flat despite being close to the Alps. Situated on a floodplain of the River Rhein, the wooded landscape provides the danger. Despite being flat, there are some incredible views of the mountains to distract golfers. The two courses are surrounded by trees and mountains, making a round at Bad Ragaz an incredible experience.

The Swiss Seniors Open is the longest-running tournament on the European Legends Tour, and has been held annually at the Bad Ragaz 18-hole Championship Course since 1997. Carl Mason, David Huish, Horacio Carbonetti and Tim Thelen have all won the competition on multiple occasions.

Bad Ragaz is also the home to a 9-hole Executive Course, which allows beginners to get to grips with the game, while understanding the nuances of playing a proper round. 

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

There is an incredible range of accommodation at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a stunning 5-star hotel which links up with Golf Club Bad Ragaz. Timeless elegance, sleek design or stylish comfort, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has it all. With two Grand Hotels offering rooms and suites in three different styles, each one is an exclusive experience. That’s not all of what Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has to offer either…

Grand Hotel Quellenhof
The Grand Hotel Quellenhof sees tradition merge with contemporary style. Swiss architect Claudio Carbone was the man behind the recent renovations, which brought Grand Hotel Quellenhof into a new era of luxury hospitality. 

There are no standard rooms at the Quellenhof, only amazing Suites which provide space, light and luxury. From Junior Suite Deluxe to Corner Suites, to Grand Suites and the Royal Suite, each offering combines luxury with comfort to provide a glorious place for guests to stay.

The King Suite has its own floor of the hotel, and it is essentially its own luxury apartment, within the Quellenhof. It is a stunning design, and easily one of the most luxurious places to stay at any of the venues on the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list. 

Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz
The Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz was renovated in 2023 to bring the 19th Century masterpiece into the present day. Today, it combines comfort with modern design, while a touch of history still remains in its walls. 

There are a range of rooms and suites available at the Hof Ragaz, with the Comfort Room being the most standard option. There are also Family Rooms and Deluxe Rooms, along with a range of Suites, the highest echelon of which is the Grand Deluxe Suite. The Hof Ragaz also features a range of two-bedroom suites for family adventures. 

Hotel Palais Bad Ragaz
The Hotel Palais Bad Ragaz is a building that dates back to the 18th Century, making it the oldest building at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The rooms at the Palais are both comfortable and nostalgic, with some historic designs. 

The listed building features a range of room offerings, with the Comfort Room once again being the most standard of choices. There are Deluxe Rooms and Swan Rooms, the latter of which features a four-poster bed. Palais Suites and Imperial Suites provide the utmost luxury at the Palais.

Spa Suites at Bad Ragaz
The Spa Suites are the newest options when it comes to accommodation at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. There is top-of-the-range technology, stylish interiors and five-star comfort, while guests can enjoy the healing benefits of the thermal water of a private whirlpool in each and every room.

Spa Loft Superior and Spa Loft Deluxe are the rooms on offer at the Spa Suites, with the Presidential and Penthouse Suites taking up the top floor of the building, and providing incredible luxury while guests can enjoy the views of the region. 

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Spa

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Spa offers guests an exclusive retreat for the body, mind and soul. Here, they will find breathtaking thermal baths, a diverse sauna landscape and a holistic range of wellness treatments. 

Whether in the historic Helenabad, the popular Tamina Therme or the separate Family Spa, the spa hotel is an ideal venue in which guests can immerse themselves. A range of treatments are on offer for guests, including facial treatments, full body massages and more. 

FAQs about Bad Ragaz

Where is Bad Ragaz located?
Bad Ragaz is the leading Swiss resort on the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list, and it is situated in the eastern part of the country. The northern border with Liechtenstein sits less than ten miles to the north by road. Chur is the closest Swiss city, located just over ten miles to the south of Bad Ragaz, while the nation’s capital, Zurich, is 60 miles to the north west by road. 

What is the nearest airport to Bad Ragaz?
The nearest international airport to Bad Ragaz is Zurich Airport, which is the busiest airport in Switzerland. It is located on the opposite side of the city to Bad Ragaz, but remains just over an hour away. The airport operates daily flights to the majority of European countries, including several flights per day to the United Kingdom. 

What golf facilities does Bad Ragaz offer?
As well as the 18-hole Championship Course, Bad Ragaz is also the home to a 9-hole Executive Course, allowing beginners to learn their skills without being confined to the driving range. There is a range and putting green at Bad Ragaz, but like the courses, these shut due to snowfall through the winter months.

Does Bad Ragaz offer golf lessons?
Bad Ragaz has a team of two PGA-qualified professionals, with Mario Caligari and Markus Kopp offering lessons and coaching to players of all abilities. From those just starting out in the sport, to the experienced golfers aiming to tweak a few things, the pair will be on hand to help.

What are the green fees at Bad Ragaz?
Visitors at Bad Ragaz can only play through the week, with a green fee costing 160 CHF (€165/£145). However, guests of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz will only have to pay 130 CHF (€135/£120).

Is Bad Ragaz suitable for families?
There are plenty of Family Rooms on offer at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, and there is a Family Spa where children from 0-16 years of age can enjoy the thermal waters and the adventure showers. The Children’s Villa is the place to go for games and activities, while the local nature provides a great way to get the kids out and about.

What accommodation is on offer at Bad Ragaz?
There is a unique range of accommodation at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, which has four locations for its rooms and suites. The Grand Hotel Quellenhof and Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz offer stunning luxury, while the Hotel Palais Bad Ragaz is the oldest building on the property. The Spa Suites, located in the Spa Tower, offer something different, for those just enjoying the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Spa in their stay.

What other resorts are nearby?
Bad Ragaz leads the way when it comes to golfing resorts in Switzerland. Andermatt is the other Swiss resort on the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list, and is just under 100 miles by road to the south west of Bad Ragaz. Der Öschberghof is a two-hour drive into Germany, while Castelconturbia is a three-hour drive south, through the Alps and into Italy.

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