Ryder Cup tee times

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Find out the tee times for the 42nd Ryder Cup at Le Golf National

The Ryder Cup tee times and pairings for the 42nd edition of the competition from Le Golf National. All tee times are BST.

Ryder Cup tee times

Friday September 28: Morning session

7.10am: Game 1
7.25am: Game 2
7.40am: Game 3
7.55am: Game 4

Pairings for the Friday morning session will be announced on September 27 at the opening ceremony.

Friday September 28: Afternoon session

12.50pm: Game 1
1.05pm: Game 2
1.20pm: Game 3
1.35pm: Game 4

Pairings for the Friday afternoon session will be announced after the Friday morning session.

Saturday morning

Game 1: 7.10am
Game 2: 7.25am
Game 3: 7.40am
Game 4: 7.55am

Pairings for the Saturday morning session to be confirmed.

Saturday afternoon

Game 1: 12.50pm
Game 2: 1.05pm
Game 3: 1.20pm
Game 4: 1.35pm

Pairings for the Saturday afternoon session to be confirmed.


Game 1: 11.05am
Game 2: 11.17am
Game 3: 11.29am
Game 4: 11.41am
Game 5: 11.53am
Game 6: 12.05pm
Game 7: 12.17pm
Game 8: 12.29pm
Game 9: 12.41pm
Game 10: 12.53pm
Game 11: 1.05pm
Game 12 1.17pm

Trophy presentation is expected to be between 5:45-6pm.

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