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NCG’s Golf Glossary: What is ground under repair?

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What is ground under repair?

Ground under repair, or commonly known as GUR, is any area of the course that has been marked off by the committee. If an area is marked it needs to be placed in the local rules so competitors know.

How would I use it in a sentence?

“The greenkeepers were taking a tree out of the ground so marked the area off as ground under repair”

What are the origins?

Usually you will find a lot of ground under repair signs around a course during the winter when maintenance work is taking place.

This can include anything from the removal of trees to bunker renovation. The area that is classed as ground under repair is usually marked with stakes or with white paint on the ground.

Any other business?

When taking relief from ground under repair you take a one club length relief from the nearest point you can get a full swing and stance outside of the marked off area.

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