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Bal.On Golf Smart Kit review

Bal.On Golf Smart Kit Review

What’s new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on the new Bal.On Golf Smart Kit


Bal.On, a brand owned by Continental, are a training aid brand that you likely haven’t heard much about, but you will soon. Their pressure-tracing insoles have industry-leading technology and are now available for you to buy and use at home. So how did we find them? Find out in our Bal.On Golf Smart Kit review.

Bal.On Golf Smart Kit Review: NCG Summary

5 star review

As a golfer interested in swing mechanics and improving my game, these insoles are incredible. The data they provide with personalised tips from the AI coach to improve make these essential for the keen golfer.

They are easy to set up and use, and the smartphone app is very straightforward – the engineers have really thought about the end user in mind when designing the interface.

They provide incredibly useful data and tips that will allow golfers to strike the ball better and gain more distance; they are a great tool for golfers and coaches.


  • Incredible data
  • Easy to use
  • Will help your golf


  • Expensive

Bal.On Golf Swing Kit Review: First Impressions

I love tech. Launch monitors, watches, speed radars, grip sensors, if I think it might help my game, I am always up for using it. I have used pressure mats before for my own golf and when delivering golf lessons, so I am aware of how valuable the data can be. The only issue is how impractical it is to use a pressure mat when not indoors, but thankfully Bal.On have the answer.

Bal.On Golf Smart Kit review

Bal.ON is a kit that consists of a pair of shoe insoles that provide pressure data during the golf swing. Setting them up for use couldn’t be easier. They need a quick charge before first use, but the battery clips onto the sensor easily; you slide them into your shoe either above or below your current insoles and clip the battery onto the side of the shoe. They connect to your phone and the app swiftly, and you are then ready to go. The whole process is fairly idiot proof so not being good with technology isn’t a reason not to invest. The insoles are really thin pressure plates, so you can’t feel them when they are in the shoe.

Bal.On Golf Smart Kit review

NCG Verdict

These insoles are on the same level as a GC3 or a TrackMan, the technology is that good. The pressure-sensitive insoles give real-time feedback about where your weight is, how much weight is on each foot, where about in the foot the pressure is, and much more. The app works by you filming your swing whilst wearing the insoles and then giving you a video with a pressure trace overlay for analysis and coaching.

The first shot I hit whilst wearing them was a huge cause for concern, with my pressure never moving away from my left foot in the backswing and and me being too left sided – no wonder my standard ball flight so low. The Bal.On app gives you a score out of 100 for each swing you do and with this one ranking pretty low, I then had a look at the AI coach’s recommended drill to get the weight off of my left foot in the backswing. After a few more swings my scores went up and I started to hit the ball much higher, so this is brilliant.

Bal.On Golf Smart Kit review

I have been really impressed with how well the app works, all the different data points it measures and scores for you, all in a really small, thin insole. The future is now, and we can all access the best technology for a fraction of the price a normal pressure mat would cost. It is amazing to see all the different data points measured with explanations of what they are and why they are important, these insoles could really help up your game and your coaching.

The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £500

More information: Ball.On Golf Website

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