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PXG 0311 p gen6 irons

PXG 0311 P Gen6 Irons Review

What’s new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Hannah Holden brings you the low down on the PXG 0311 P Gen6 Irons


The PXG 0311 P Gen6 irons are the longest and most forgiving irons PXG have ever made. So how did we find them? Watch our PXG 0311 Gen 6 driver review to find out.

PXG 0311 P Gen6 Irons Review: NCG Summary

PXG 0311p gen 6  irons
5 star review

These irons are LONG. 2 whole clubs longer than Hannah is used to, which must have some performance benefit over a season.

These hollow head irons have a super thin face and precisely placed tungsten weighting, making these the most forgiving and the most accurate irons PXG have ever made and possibly out on the iron market right now.

You can’t help but stand over the ball with confidence, knowing you are swinging with the firepower of the PXG 0311 P Gen6 irons.


  • Well designed top line
  • Huge ball speeds
  • Excellent custom fitting process


  • Stronger lofts make gapping tricky in the long irons

PXG 0311 P Gen6 Irons Review: First Impressions

Let’s address the elephant in the room straight away. Are these irons too big to be a true player’s iron? Well, Hannah isn’t sure. If the ball performs just like you would expect a player’s iron to, with high ball flight, plenty of spin, and bags of control, what difference does it make if the head is bigger than your standard MB or CB?

Hannah is a big fan of how the PXG 0311 P Gen6 iron looks. The top line is cleverly shaped in a way to make it appear thin and conceal the mass behind the ball; the club looks strong and inviting, boosting your confidence that you are going to hit the green.

Hannah was fit into a black steel fibre shaft with a black grip, which look great with the black tungsten weight on the back of the head. The irons have a real premium feel.

PXG 0311p gen 6

NCG Verdict

After a long drive down to The Drift in Surrey (home to PXG’s UK Fitting Centre) and a few warm-up shots with her current gamers, Hannah couldn’t wait to get into the nitty gritty with the expert fitter. The PXG fitting process is more in-depth than other brands, where there was a lot of time spent adjusting swing weight and messing around with the weights in the back of the head to put together not only a club that performed really well but actually felt great stood over the ball and in the swing.

Hannah couldn’t believe how long these irons were. The standard carry of her 6 iron is around 165, and in the fitting with PXG, the 0311 P Gen 6 iron carried an AVERAGE of 183 yards. Yes, you read that correctly. PXG have always had the thinnest face in golf, but the Gen 6 iron now has a 15% thinner face, which boosts ball speeds to numbers not normally seen.

The variable ultra-thin face is complimented by the new XCOR2 technology, which is a polymer material inside the head that makes the head lighter, allowing PXG to add precision weighting to drag the centre of gravity down and away from the face, increasing launch angle, boosting MOI (forgiveness) and adding to the ball speed.

It’s not all about distance, however; these irons do come with a lot of control. They are a player’s distance iron, after all, not just tools built for all-out yardage. The heads are made from 5x forged 8620 soft carbon steel, which, although fast, actually feels controlled at impact. You would think that irons this hot might feel too firm at impact but this is not the case. The control into the greens is given by the height the ball travels; Hannah felt like certainly in the short to mid irons, there was enough trajectory to get the ball to stop on the green and near the pin.

There is a large center weight on the back of the club, and this is what the fitter is adjusting throughout the session to change the way the club feels and also how the ball flies to find out what best suits you as a player. This is something Hannah had not seen or experienced in a fitting before and now believes should be fairly common practice at a decent fitting.

pxg irons

All this power does come with some dilemmas at the top end of the bag. Hannah found that although the 6 iron carried 183 yards, the 4 iron only carried 195 yards, which didn’t leave much room for the 5 iron to gap into. This situation is caused because the lofts are strong, and irons with this much tech in the head generally will spin lower than smaller more traditional irons will. The 4 iron could absolutely be used from a tee on tight tee shots but might not be much use as a club to hit into greens with.

Hannah says in the video that she could genuinely see herself using these clubs as gamers in her tournament season, as the huge distance gain in the short and mid irons must offer her some kind of strokes gained advantage, as with shafts that are shorter, you must be more accurate. Her only concern was the gapping issue at the top end, and also sole thickness, as she feels more confident hitting shots out of bad lies or downslopes with a club that has a thin sole than a thicker one.

The PXG 0311p Gen 6 irons are seriously impressive and well worth testing out if you want more distance out of an iron that looks seriously good. There is more technology in these clubheads than a lot of player’s distance irons available to buy, so they are well worth the investment.

The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £189 Per Iron

Right-handed lofts: 7 iron 30°

Shafts: 53 Shafts available

More information: PXG Website

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