Cobra Aerojet 3 wood

Cobra Aerojet LS fairway woods review

Tom Irwin tested all this Cobra's 2023 fairways, the Aerojet LS 3 Wood is definitely long but does it perform on course, read his Cobra fairway review...

How does the Cobra’s low spin iteration of the Aerojet Fairway Wood perform? Find out in our Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway review.

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Review: NCG Summary

cobra fairway wood
4.5 star review

I don’t get excited very often. England Goals, Oasis reforming, Christmas parties, natural fibres. Add: looking down on this family of Cobra fairways. They are somewhat nice looking.


  • A thing of beauty
  • Ludicrous ball speeds
  • Progressive head shaping from 3 wood to 5 wood


  • What is with the fat grips..
  • Too Drivery?

First Impressions of the Cobra Aerojet LS 3 Wood 2023

The Cobra Aerojet 3 woods match up with the Drivers, so this is part of the LS family. Cobra themselves actually describe it as Ultra Low Spin. You can read my Cobra Aerojet LS Driver Review here. The LS 3 wood is the Drivers better looking younger sister

I am standing on a soaking driving range at Praia Del Rey I am in a bad mood because we have planned this testing week for months, travelled for over a day with about 1000 new golf clubs and now it is raining. A lot. Looking at this Cobra 3 wood made it all worth it. It is a think of beauty. It is curvy in all the right places, and the neck (despite its adjustability) is seamless.

Like the Driver, the Cobra Aerojet Fairway woods have PWR Bridge, which really drags the spin down. The HOT face which ramps up the ball speed and the carbon crown that lowers the CG. Fast, low spinning and easy to launch. Yes please.

The looks let you know about the tech, the speckled crown speaks to the carbon construction and PWR Bridge is annotated on to the typically jazzy sole.

Cobra Aerojet 3 wood

NCG Review

The ball speeds from this Cobra 3 wood are ridiculous. I am 45 years old, my lifestyle to date should render this kind of thing impossible. It is like a rocket. I am literally jumping up and down with excitement at the speed at which the ball is coming off the face.

I am startled by CHS which is comfortably over 100 mph, it is damp and cold and I would not expect to be over 100. Balls speeds are similarly enormous, most in the high 150s. This is quite exciting.

We are hitting balls in a left to right crosswind. Ideal, I know. This LS model is really not bothered though as it just tears through the air, barely spinning and never getting above 70ft. Even this 20mph crosswind is just not touching it. The almost ubiquitous KAI’LI shaft comes as standard and the LS is only available in the White 70 Stiff or XS. This has the XS version and it is like giving a machine gun to Mike Tyson. It just pummels it.

Cobra 3 Wood

The LS model actually has the biggest head of the 172cc in the LS compared to 168cc in the Max iteration. This extra cc is because of the deep face. Off a tee this is superb, and adds to the mini-driver feel. It means I can peg it up with confidence, and you can getting it launching for a (relatively) high bomb. I am struggling to work it though, like the Driver it does not want to go right to left, and pegging it down to try and squeeze one is tough with the deep face and low spin.


cobra fairway wood data

I am testing a lot of fairways this year and I think it is important to say what I am looking for in a 3 wood may differ from you. I hit a lot of drivers on the golf course, and have always been happy backing off a driver on a narrower hole. Alternatively I might reach for a long iron. I have never really got into being a 3 wood from the tee player, I worry about left or a mis-strike too much. I love a fairway wood off the deck and again am happy working the ball or trying to take distance off. I have much more confidence with a a fairway wood than a long iron from short grass.

Hot, deep face 3 woods have therefore never really been something I have entertained. The numbers are amazing, yes, but I am trying to choose something as a 2nd shot club so often end up with something lower profile. So I want to see this on the golf course.

cobra aerojet fariway wood

On Course

I went out on to the course at Royal Obidos and hit some shots with this 3 wood from 3 different tees, a a fade, a draw and a high down wind hole. It really is tremendous off the tee. Down wind it is as long as some drivers on test, where the low spin (and elevated tee) are helping it a lot.

It wants to go straight and as on the range, I cannot get it drawing with any consistency. As I thought I would I struggled off the deck, particularly to get it launching and off a hanging lie I was really having problems.

All that said, this Cobra Aerojet LS has turned my head. I would game it but to do so I would get rid of a 2 iron I carry and replace that with a strong 5 wood. If you are viewing 3 wood as a tee ball club then this is an excellent option and with the correct gapping could work. If you are looking for something more versatile then perhaps consider one of the more low profile options.

Testing Protocol

To test this product we travelled to West Cliffs a leading European golf course just North of Lisbon. The idea was to get some warmer weather and escape our frozen British courses. It of course rained, a lot, was very windy. Each of our test team were allocated a category of golf clubs, fairways, or a specific type of driver or iron.

We gathered data on a Trackman 4 or FlightScope. We used Titliest Pro V1 for all tests. The samples we have are either fully fitted for our testers or ordered in our assumed specs. We are then able to optimise performance by swapping shafts and playing with the adjustability.

As well as that dry testing all of the product was tested on course in a comparative environment with other product from the same category. We recognise that no testing process is perfect and just aim to be fair in our treatment, transparent in our process and candid in our feedback.

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway review: The Details

Available: 3rd February

RRP: £269 

Right-handed lofts: 14.5 3 Wood / 17.5 5 Wood

Shafts: KAI’LI White 70 S / XS

More information: Cobra website

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What is Tom's problem with the Ryder Cup!!!???🤦‍♂

What is Tom's problem with the Ryder Cup!!!???🤦‍♂

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