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Callaway Paradym fairway woods review

What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on Callaway's new Paradym fairway.

How does Callaway’s new Paradym fairway wood perform? Find out in our Callaway Paradym fairway wood review.

Callaway Paradym Fairway Review: NCG Summary

callaway Paradym fairway wood
Callaway Paradym fairway review

This may just be the best fairway wood ever made. It’s hard to find fault in its looks, feel, or performance. Once you pick it up, you will not want to put it down.

Callaway have completely redesigned the construction of their fairway woods so that weight in the head can be put in places that make it longer and more forgiving.

The Callaway Paradym fairway is suitable for all golfers. High handicappers with slow swing speeds to elite golfers with quick swings will all find some benefit from using it


  • Neutral set up
  • Crazy ball speeds
  • It sits beautifully behind the ball
  • Great selection of lofts


  • There are no cons

First Impressions

Is it possible to be in love with a golf club? I think I am in love with this fairway wood. It’s shallow, sits square and has a stunning colour scheme. As soon as I put the Callaway Paradym fairway behind the ball I decided I didn’t ever want to give it back as it made me feel more confident about hitting a fairway wood than I ever had before.

Paradym Fairway

NCG Review

This is the first fairway wood I have ever given a 5-star rating. Fairway woods are hard to get right for manufacturers as often different types of players want different characteristics from a fairway, so manufacturers will produce a few iterations and satisfy golfer’s needs that way.

This is the first fairway I have ever hit that I think I could give to any standard of player, and they’d enjoy using it.

Paradym fairway wood

Callaway have drastically redesigned the construction of the Paradym so that it now features a forged carbon sole which has allowed them to move weight around in the head so it’s more forgiving and Callaway’s longest-ever fairway.

On average, I carried the 3 wood 234.8 yards, with my longest all the way out at 245 yards. My fastest ball speed was an astonishing 154.3mph which is thanks to Callaway’s jailbreak & batwing technology and their new AI designed high strength face cup.

Both of these new bits of tech allow the club face to flex more to produce hotter ball speeds from all strike locations. I didn’t make perfect contact with all of these shots but i’d be happy with all of the results out on the course.

flightscope data

I use a fairway wood mostly for 2nd shots on long par 4s and par 5s, and rarely use it from a tee. Becuase of this it’s important to me that the face is pretty shallow and it feels easy to launch.

Compared to the Callaway Paradym triple diamond fairway wood that I tested, the standard Paradym feels so easy it’s like you’re cheating.

I was able to get the ball up in the air from a variety of different lies out on the course, which is important because most golfers are going to use a fairway from the ground quite a lot.

The 3 wood and 3HL wood both have Callaway’s adjustable loft sleeves which means you can really dial in your launch conditions. I would probably loft the 3 wood up a degree or two so that I get a slightly softer angle of decsent and more stopping power.

Paradym fairway wood review

Another point that’s great about the Paradym is that it comes in so many loft options. You can get it in 3 wood or 11 wood and everything in between, which means there is a head to suit everyone’s requirements.

This is genuinely the first fairway wood that I have considered also getting a 5 wood in, as I was so pleased in how it performed I feel I could certainly benefit from a club that carries 215-220 yards and lands softly.

This fairway wood is going to be a huge hit in 2023. I think we will see it in on the PGA tour in the bags of professionals, and also in the bags of your senior golfers with slow swing speeds. The progressive shaping throughout the head models means there is something for everyone, and with it being so playable and attractive golfers are going to love it.

Overall I was so impressed with this fairway wood in testing, I can’t wait to get it in my bag for the start of the season.

Callaway Paradym Fairway Review: The Details

Available: 24th February 2023

RRP: £379

Right-handed lofts: 3w 15°, 3HL 16.5°, 5w 18°, 7w 21°, 9w 24°, 11w 27°, HVN 20°

Featured shafts:
MCA Aldila Ascent PL Blue 40g (Womens, Light)
Project X HZDRUS Silver 50g (reg & stiff) 60g (stiff)
Project X HZRDUS Black 60g (stiff & X stiff)

Premium shafts:
Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
Lamkin ST Soft Undersized

More information: Callaway Website

How do we test golf clubs?

To test this product we travelled to West Cliffs a leading European golf course just North of Lisbon. The idea was to get some warmer weather and escape our frozen British courses. It of course rained, a lot, was very windy. Each of our test team were allocated a category of golf clubs, fairways, or a specific type of driver or iron.

We gathered data on a Trackman 4 or FlightScope. We used Titleist Pro V1 for all tests. Our samples are either fully fitted for our testers or ordered in our assumed specs. We can then optimise performance by swapping shafts and playing with the adjustability.

As well as that dry testing all of the product was tested on course in a comparative environment with other product from the same category. We recognise that no testing process is perfect and just aim to be fair in our treatment, transparent in our process and candid in our feedback.

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