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Reflo golf apparel review: Style and sustainability

A new purpose-driven apparel brand has entered the golf market, with its recycled clothing and a mission to plant millions of trees. Hannah Holden and Alex Perry take a closer look

UK-based sports and leisurewear brand Reflo are looking to shake up the golf apparel scene by offering sustainable performance clothing. The women’s range is coming soon, but for now I’ve roped in my colleague Alex Perry to see what he thought of the men’s line-up

refill golf clothes

Reflo golf apparel: First impressions

“Anyone who has seen me carefully scrutinising every container as I ponder which bin it can go in will know recycling and sustainability is something I’m awfully passionate about,” Alex writes.

“When you recieve a box from Reflo, that shared passion smacks you right in the face. ‘I am made from plants, not plastic’, the bag protecting your latest purchase screams at you. ‘You can feel good about using me because I am 100% biodegradable. I will compost in 6 months,’ it adds, before a friendly reminder that ‘a plastic bag can take thousands of years’.

“Under the huge ‘R’ logo, we’re told that Reflo ‘are committed to making high-quality apparel that makes you look and feel epic!’

“It continues: ‘Our apparel is made using recycled plastic by people who have fair working conditions and wages. We think all apparel should be made this way, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice and make positive choices. So let’s help each other look after the world we live in.’

“And I haven’t even opened the bag yet!”

On the apparel itself, Alex adds: “I was really excited to get this delivery because if you nose through the website you can see Reflo makes some really cool and stylish apparel. In real life, it looked even better.

“You know that feeling of slipping into an old, familiar piece of clothing you’ve had for years? How at home you feel in it? Reflo feels like that straight out of the box (and bag).”

You can hear Alex’s thoughts on wearing the gear later, but first…

Reflo golf apparel: The technology

As Alex says, sustainability is behind every decision made by Reflo. They wanted to provide high-performance apparel that helped the environment and disrupted the fast-paced fashion industry.

Each garment is made from recycled waste. Single-use plastic and coffee beans are made into woven fabrics, and by 2026 more than five million bottles worth of plastic will have been recycled by Reflo.

Indeed, the fabrics used by Reflo adhere to a number of sustainability certifications including the Global Recycled Standard, Bluesign, Oeko-Tex 100, and U Trust, while every purchase from the brand results in a tree being planted – and if you scan the provided QR code, they’ll plant a second. They plan to plant a million by 2026, then a minimum of one million a year after that. What’s not to love about that?

There are 57 pieces in Reflo’s range including golf, active, and leisure wear. So what did Alex think when he got out and about in it?

Reflo golf apparel: NCG verdict

Lapter hoodie: “It’s no secret I’m a fan of a hoodie, and the Lapter is right up my street. It’s smart, it’s stylish, it’s comfortable. It comes in black, grey, and navy blue. It’s just about as comfortable as you can imagine from the moment you slip it on. I haven’t worn it on the course yet, but I did wear it to the range and there is no hindrance to your swing, which is many people’s big concern with hoodies.”

reflo golf clothes

Marmara sweater: “If the hooded option isn’t your thing, then try the Marmara sweater. It comes in a nice grey colour, is incredibly comfortable, and looks great.”

Barents midlayer: “Everything you want in a quarter-zip midlayer. At almost 6-foot-4 and sporting long, gangly arms, midlayers are often a problem for me. Not with the Barents, though. It also caters for all tastes, too, with the more traditional black and navy options complemented by aqua and orange offerings.”


Bohai polo: “A classic three-button polo that looks great and feels great. I really like the positioning of the Reflo logo on the shoulder, too. I went Bohai in grey, and it also comes in black and white. There is also the Corinth polo which features flashes of colour in the collar and sleeves, and that comes in black and white, navy and red, or aqua and navy. If you want something a little more eye-catching, the Adriatic polo, with its distinctive wave design, comes in grey, aqua and orange.”

Sidra trousers: “Everything you want from a pair of golf trousers. Light, breathable, and comfortable thanks to the trademarked ‘Flo-Fit’ fabric designed to stretch as you move, and the ‘TMPCNTRL’ technology that helps keep you at an optimum temperate. Available black, grey, navy, and sand, they look exceptional.”

Icarian shorts: “Available in the same colours and using the same fabric technology as the trousers, these are the perfect summer option. The Icarian might be the most comfortable athletic shorts I’ve ever worn.”

reflo golf clothes

Levantine cap: “Featuring ‘SunProtect’ technology which does exactly what it says on the tin, these look great and are comfortable. The Levantine features the ‘R’ logo on the front and comes in black, navy and white and orange, while the Lincoln cap features the full ‘Reflo’ logo and comes in white and black options.”

reflo golf clothes

Reflo golf apparel: The details

Available: Now

RRP: £95 (Lapter hoodie); £85 (Marmara sweater); £95 (Barents midlayer); £68 (Bohai polo); £110 (Sidra trousers); £85 (Icarian shorts); £25 (Levantine cap)

You can view the full range, including everything you’ve read about here as well as much more, on the Reflo website.

And if you’re after more equipment content, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you have any questions about anything gear related, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram.

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