Can you beat any of the efforts from the well-intentioned families of the NCG team?

What’s the worst Christmas present for golfers you can think of or, even worse, actually received. The Fourball team attempt to outdo each other…

Alex: If it’s been made, I’ve received it from a well-intentioned aunt who almost certainly spends every Christmas standing in a department store asking my very bored uncle: “Would Alex like this?” The worst I got has to be that little putting game you play on the toilet. Smartphones have been around for my entire adult life. I’ve got much better things to do.

Dan: I mean, all of the above and all of the below, obviously. But I would have to give it to a truly woeful encyclopaedia of golf I once got as a teenager. I would and will read just about anything on golf but this was beyond me. Is there anything worse than a generalist book on a specialist subject? If you wanted to develop an encyclopaedic knowledge of golf, and I did, then you were going to need so much more than this introductory nonsense. It had clearly been compiled by some non-golfers, which is not a bad start for such a book. I had hoped it would at least see me through a Christmas EastEnders special but I had cast it aside before Dirty Den and Angie had even had a drink.

Steve: A very well-meaning relative bought me an indoor putting mat one year and I knew as soon as it came out of the box that it would never experience the feeling of ball on astroturf. The fake grass was as thick as a hedge. It remains in exile somewhere in my garage.

Hannah: To be honest I haven’t had that many terrible ones as most of my family are golfers too. But I probably have more putter-shaped pencils than I can count. I’m sure I’ll make use of them one day, before they consume me.

So, what’s the worst Christmas present for golfers you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below or you can tweet us.

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