A World Handicap System scheme has launched allowing golfers across the UK to put their numbers on the line when playing outside their respective countries. But how does it work? Allow us to help

How many of you had this experience last week? It was revealed that a World Handicap System pilot scheme allowing golfers in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales to put in scores when playing across their respective countries had gone live.

Players then fired up their apps to submit scores and… blank screens. It was as if nothing had changed.

We asked England Golf what you need to do. So, if you’re a member of an English club, for example, and have played a round in Scotland and want it to count towards your handicaps, here’s the answer:

A score has to be entered by the host venue into the WHS platform. Scores cannot be posted by the MyEG app when played outside England.

That’s not perfect by any means, although software companies have been given the specification to develop a link and NCG understands some are now testing that.

You would hope, in time, you’d be able to universally enter your scores into the club computer in the same way you would at your own venue when playing a competition or putting in a general play score.

So while it’s still not ideal, it’s probably a little less convoluted then what came before – where you were supposed to tell your own club you were going to put in a score, then tell the host club, give your card to that club when the round was over for the PCC, take a copy of that card and return it to your own club, who would finally submit the score to the WHS platform.

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