How did you start up the business?
I researched the idea of something for women’s golf; what was there for the lady golfer in the UK, bounced round a few ideas and came up with Red Tee Breaks, so went for it. I’ve run businesses before in different industries. I’m still learning the idiosyncrasies of the golf business and a lot about myself.

What are the common themes that the female golfer wants from a trip?
Contrary to popular belief ladies do want to go away and play golf, yes some will want spa and leisure facilities as well as cream teas, but the main purpose of their trips in the UK is for golf. We’re not so dissimilar to the men with the exception that women generally want better accommodation.

We’d rather be playing: Stoke Park

How has Red Tee Breaks evolved?
Whilst our focus remains lady golfers, we also encompass events too, some for the lady golfer like the Red Tee Tour and others for mixed golfers. The Red Tee Tour has been the proverbial bee in my bonnet for a couple of years and I’m delighted we can now offer it to women golfers of the UK across five venues. Our sponsors have been great and the best thing about it is that we are giving something back by supporting Breast Cancer Care.

If you were to go for a week’s golf break where would you go?
The course is important but the hotel is equally so – the whole experience is what makes a good trip. I couldn’t choose just one in the UK as it offers so much. Abroad I do like the US and the South Americas, again for the whole experience, so maybe Argentina or Colombia.