What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on Wilson's new Dynapwr driver

How does the titanium version of Wilson’s new Dynapwr driver perform? Find out in our Wilson Dynapwr driver review.

Wilson Dynapwr driver review: NCG Summary

wilson dynapwr driver
wilson dynapwr driver review

I love the classic look of the titanium Wilson head; it’s pair-shaped head is quite traditional and a shape that a lot of golfers are going to like.

I think golfers are going to be extremely happy when they get their hands on the Dynapwr. It’s high launching and slightly draw-biased to help players get the ball in the fairway more often


  • Smaller more classic shape
  • Very forgiving
  • Centred hits gave very competitive ball speeds compared to more expensive drivers


  • Non centred centre of gravity won’t suit players who hook the ball

Wilson Dynapwr driver

Now: £370

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First Impressions

The aesthetics of the new Dynapwr are head and shoulders above last year’s D9. Wilson have gone with a matte crown with red detail which makes the head look nice and compact. You would never know from addressing the ball that this was a high-launching, draw-biased driver. You stand over it and it almost asks to be hit as hard as you can.

wilson dynapwr

NCG Review

I was a huge fan of the Wilson D9 driver, is performed well, looked premium and was very reasonably priced. The Wilson have reimagined the driver this year and the Dynapwr is very different, but certainly for the better.

dynapwr driver price

Straight away the shaping is very different, it’s now much more pear-shaped than before and looks solid behind the ball. The red detailing is subtle but frames the head nicely. The head feels quite light in the swing which encourages you to swing hard, which I really like.

On average I carried this 262.4 yards with my longest at 271. This is exceedingly long as I tested this club on a frosty morning at -2 degrees so I wasn’t expecting much in terms of distance and speed.

The 156.4 mph average ball speed is pretty good, with my fasted at 162.6 mph probably one of the fasted ball speeds I’ve seen on test this year, so huge props to Wilson for that.

flightscope data

We can thank artificial intelligence for this impressive speed. Wilson, like many other brands this year, have enlisted the help of computers and A.I. to run thousands of calculations to produce a club face with variable thickness to maximise ball speeds.

I did make a few bad swings that produced iffy strikes but I didn’t lose much if any performance on the launch monitor. Wilson have put a 16g weight at the back of the club which drags back the centre of gravity and increases MOI, making it really easy to hit, and easy to hit straight.

Interestingly the CoG of the driver is not in the centre of the head and is just misaligned from the sweet spot. The heel-biased centre of gravity is to help golfers who fade the ball straighten their flight, or to give better players a more consistent draw shape.

wilson driver

I wouldn’t normally use a draw-biased head but the shots I produced were really consistent, with none finishing to the right of the target. This predictability could be a real asset to me out on the course and it is definitely worth considering.

Forgiveness is a huge factor when it comes to picking the right driver, and this has to be one of the most forgiving out available at the moment. It is also incredibly adjustable, which we didn’t see in last year’s driver, but this is a huge win for golfers who can now really customise their flight.

The final big win with the Dynapwr driver is its price. It’s 2023 and drivers are topping out at £600, this £370 RRP is almost a breath of fresh air, as you’re getting brilliant technology at a price that won’t sink the ship.

Wilson loyalists are absolutely going to love this driver, and I can see a lot of golfers also moving over to Wilson in 2023.

Wilson Dynapwr driver review: The Details

Available: March 2023

RRP: £370

Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 13˚

Featured shafts: Fujkura Ventus Blue & Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX

Grips: Lamkin Crossline 360

More information: Wilson Website

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Jack Backhouse

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