Since the 2019/2020 season of the PGA Tour officially began in September, bets on golfing events have been on the rise. The growth in the number of bets placed is consistent with the wagers received on golfing events over the last few years, making experts believe that golf could be the next big thing in the betting market. 

The golfing industry itself considers betting on sports as a lucrative way to increase income due to a fall in revenue resulting from a decrease of fans on sponsored platforms. As such, betting companies are already launching a wide range of betting markets accessible to casual golf viewers who only follow major events like the Ryder Cup, U.S Open and U.S Masters. Moreover, companies like Betway88 also have complex odds for professional golf punters who are aware of the game’s intricacies.

Increasing Golf’s Viewer Engagement

Following the legalisation of sports betting in many states, industry insiders are considering using gambling as a chance to increase viewer engagement. According to Bruin Sports Capital CEO, George Pyne, you’re highly likely to watch a sport if you’re betting on it. That means gambling will increase the avidity of the people gambling on the sport.

Unlike football, this sport is yet to experience peak betting levels, Betway88 golf offering has continued gaining popularity over the last few years. Other sports like tennis have managed to increase interest in betting, despite being among the least known games in the industry about a decade ago. The success of tennis is partly due to the number of players participating in a single tournament and the wide array of events to bet on.

Golf has over 70 players battling it out on any course and the betting opportunities presented are off the charts. A large number of players create an opportunity for interesting betting odds due to the wide variety of outcomes possible and it could see golf become as popular as other games in the betting market.

Legal Betting Is Shifting League’s Attitudes

For decades, almost every form of sports gambling was outlawed in all U.S states, Nevada excluded. The NCAA and other professional sports leagues applauded the ban, fighting against every remote affiliation with gambling. However, all that began changing at the start of this decade and public altitudes started shifting.

With the fight against gambling being over, the leagues have been trying to capitalise on the gambling opportunities as a way to increase their revenue. While some fans have argued against betting on sports due to integrity issues, industry experts believe it’s not a problem as modern bookies have created lots of interesting ways to wager. 

Besides betting on the outright winners, golf punters can wager on all sorts of outcomes. When it comes to affiliates maximising on regular and casual golf watcher, the key is to provide data that the regulars need, but offer products that casual viewers can enjoy. That’s because affiliates don’t need to be experts in the tournaments they’re betting to put their insight and expertise to good use.