Who’s been messing with Bernd’s club?

Bernd Wiesberger shot a 69 on Friday in France and then revealed that someone had been tweaking his driver and, most likely, not to try and gain a few extra yards.

The Austrian uses a Titleist driver and he posted on Facebook that some sort of foul play had probably taken place.

“Struggle at the end but happy to have scored in the 60s. Found out during the round that the settings on my Titleist Driver have been changed by somebody (this also happens to other Players today apparently). Never happend to me before.”

A couple of hours later Wiesberger added: “Just for clarification: apparently a few clubs have been altered with this week. One of them looks to have been mine. Also, I do not think that it had any affect on the outcome of my round or score and I just hope this doesn’t happen to any other players this week or in the future.”

Scotland’s Duncan Stewart added a comment on Wiesberger’s Twitter page that the same had happened to his Callaway Epic driver in the past couple of weeks.

Wiesberger finished the week T27 with his 69 on Friday his lowest effort of the week.

Don’t do it madam, don’t do it..

On first inspection this looks like some random punter trying his luck at Le Golf National. It later emerged that it was the mum of Li Haotong who was playing two groups ahead of Messrs Hatton and Pieters.

The 21-year-old had bogeyed the 11th and then, by the looks of it, put his putter over his knee and dispatched it into the greenside lake.

Shortly after his mum appeared and attempted, and succeeded, to retrieve the club which was actually in two pieces.

Her son somehow played the last seven holes in level par putting with a sand wedge and finished the week in a tie for seventh.

Superstar plays in golf tournament, what’s the problem?

You’re probably not aware of the Ellie Mae Classic which is a stop on the Web.com Tour. You might not even be aware of the tour itself (it’s the one below the PGA Tour).

Well in early August you are going to be hearing a lot about it as Steph Curry (the Golden State Warriors guard is in the top two most famous basketball stars in the NBA) will be teeing it up in the main event on a sponsor’s exemption.

Cue the usual outrage – ‘he’s taking up a valuable spot’ – to be countered by the ‘think of all the exposure blah blah..’

For the record Curry has well over 9m Twitter followers and plays off 0.6 or 2.2 depending on who you choose to listen to.

So no he won’t contend or even make the cut but the Ellie Mae Classic, or the Web.com, will never have it so good.

Morgan’s still got it..

I once used to write a column for John (E) Morgan and it was comfortably the most entertaining part of my working month. I then did an instruction shoot with him and it was comfortably the most impressed I have ever been watching someone hit a golf ball. By the end he was hitting 180-yard 7-irons blind-folded to within 10 feet each time.

Last week he did this after 26 players missed out on the chance to win £100,000 by making a hole-in-one in a shoot-out at Cumberwell Park.

All they had to do was this from 170 yards…