The tournament is full of many traditions but why does the Masters champion receive a Green Jacket?

Rumour has it…

There is slight confusion as to how the green jacket idea made its way down Magnolia Lane.

One story suggests that Bobby Jones once visited Royal Liverpool Golf Club and liked the idea that all the captains of the club were wearing matching red jackets and took the idea back over the pond to America.

The other is that in 1937 Cliff Roberts envisioned that the green jackets would be worn by Augusta National members so guests could identify them for a reliable source of information and so waiters knew who received the bill for dinner.

Why does the Masters champion receive a Green Jacket?

Why does the Masters champion receive a green jacket?

It was eventually decided that the winners of the Masters tournament would receive a Green Jacket.

The first Green Jacket which was handed out to a winner was to Sam Snead in 1949. Snead was made an honorary member and a Green Jacket was handed to all past champions.

At the closing ceremony of the tournament where the jacket is awarded a jacket is borrowed off an Augusta member with a similar build to the winner before they receive their own.

For one year after their win the champion may take their Green Jacket off the Augusta National premises but after a year the jacket must remain on the property and they can wear it when they visit the golf club.

Gary Player once forgot to bring his green jacket back to Augusta National in 1962 when he was the defending champion, to keep with tradition Player was asked to bring the jacket back as soon as possible and it was requested that he didn’t wear it in public.

If there is a multiple winner they will receive their original green jacket unless their size changes dramatically.

Who makes the Green Jackets?

Originally, the Green Jackets were made by Brooks Uniform Co. in New York but members felt the jackets were too thick and were uncomfortable to wear in warm weather.

Since 1967 they have been made by Hamilton Tailoring Co. in Cincinnati and the company takes about a month to make a jacket which features custom button with the Augusta logo on and the owner’s name inside.

Did you know?

There is an option for Augusta members to upgrade their green jacket.

Since 1996, Augusta National has worked with Henry Poole to create a bespoke jacket which are made in London using wool from God’s Own County.

Who presents the Green Jacket?

Why does the Masters champion receive a green jacket

The jacket is presented by the defending Masters champion, if there is a back-to-back winner then the Masters chairman presents the Green Jacket.

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