Bob Vokey knows a thing or two about wedges. So who better to explain the different types of grind?

In a day and age where we can fully customise every single golf club in the bag, it’s important to get every aspect right – it’s why we’ll always recommend getting fully fitted. But with your short irons there is one thing you might not think about: wedge grind. We chatted to Bob Vokey to get the lowdown on his famous wedges…

Wedge grind: F

wedge grind

“This is an exact type of wedge identifying a full sole, there’s no grind on it. It’s basically a sole which has different bounce angles on it. It’s got camber, it’s got radius, but basically F stands for ‘full sole’. You can use it for all types of players. They are very versatile wedges – you can use them for a lot of different distances.”

Who it suits: This is the most popular grind on the PGA Tour which you can use that in all different types of conditions. It is best used for full pitch shots into the green.