One brand, three different models, so which Callaway Chrome Soft is right for you?

Callaway’s most well-known golf ball has a high reputation amongst both Amateur and Major Winners alike. It has been so popular since its inception there is now a whole family of Chrome Soft golf ball options available.

So how do you know which one you should be putting in play? We’ve put each model head to head to find out.

Which Callaway Chrome Soft should you use?

When it comes to looks Callaway keeps the design and logo of each model very similar. We have two side stamp options, the simple arrow look or a bolder triple track offering.

The Triple Track design has been used to great effect by Phil Mickelson. In fact he is rumoured to have helped Callaway design the alignment aid.

I think the triple track technology is great for any level of golfer. Whether you are just starting golf, or an elite-level player looking for some distinct markings that help whilst putting. It also saves you having to spend lots of time drawing your own lines onto your golf balls!

Callaway Chrome Soft

If you are after something really different you can also opt for the more vibrant Truvis options. These are available in a Pentagon or Shamrock pattern and help with visibility and focus. Perfect for those late rounds after work or for visual players who want to be able to see the spin on the ball.

Callaway Chrome Soft

The Chrome Soft is noticeably the softest feeling of the three golf balls due to its Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core. Personally, I felt it was softest on long shots, especially fairway woods into greens.

Initially, the Chrome Soft X and X LS felt very similar. Then I hit my driver. I could instantly feel that the LS had a harder feel on impact to the X and the original Chrome Soft.

When comparing the three models for distance I hit multiple 7-irons on Trackman and compared the data. As expected The Chrome Soft X flew the furthest followed by the Chrome Soft X LS and finally the original Chrome Soft.

Overall, I gained the most total distance with the X LS model as I was getting over 20 yards of run-out which is great if you want to gain that extra yardage, but possibly not if you are searching for control around the greens.

Callaway Chrome Soft

With many successful professional golfers using the Callaway Chrome Soft X I was intrigued to see its spin abilities up against other popular balls on tour. Out of all three models, the Chrome Soft X spun the most followed by the X LS and finally the original Chrome Soft. This surprised me as I assumed I would spin the original Chrome Soft the most because of its softer feel.

But what about value for money? After all, us golfers are always looking for the best deal when it comes to performance vs price. The Callaway Chrome Soft range all retail for £50.00 per dozen which is on the more expensive side. However, the high performance for a variety of different golfers gives you multiple options and a ball you can trust. I like the fact they are all the same price so you can pick the model that gives you the right performance rather than making a decision purely on price.

If soft feel is what you are looking for then the original Chrome Soft is the best option for you. However if you are prioritising distance then the Chrome Soft X LS with its hard outer shell will help you gain those extra few yards.

A great all-around high-performance option would be the Chrome Soft X. It provides the perfect amount of carry and roll-out whilst increasing spin for more control throughout the bag. I can see why the tour players favour this ball and maybe it could be the difference in performance for you.

Chrome SoftCallaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft

This 3-piece design is the softest, most forgiving ball in the range. It has low spin on long game shots but high spin around the greens.


Chrome SoftCallaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft X

A 4-piece golf ball and the most popular model on tour. Not as soft as the Chrome Soft due to having a higher compression, it also spins less due to having a firmer mantle over a softer core.


Chrome SoftCallaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

This is the lowest spinning ball in the line-up as it has the softest core. It has the highest compression though, making it the firmest and longest ball in this range.


Chrome SoftCallaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Truvis

A Chrome Soft with an added visual effect. The design allows the ball to appear slightly larger at address, providing more confidence for golfers when standing over the shot. It still has that signature soft feel.


Hannah Screen

Hannah Screen has recently turned professional after a successful amateur career, she has represented England at junior and ladies' levels and played golf for the University of Oklahoma. She recently graduated with a degree in journalism and is currently splitting her time playing tournament golf, and testing golf equipment, mainly golf balls.

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