Callaway have broadened the Chrome Soft range to now include the X and Soft X LS models. So which is right for your game?

Marketed as ‘the ball that changed the ball’, the Callaway Chrome Soft has been a mainstay of Callaway’s golf ball offerings since 2015 and is a product adored by amateurs and major winners alike.

Callaway’s investment in the Chrome Soft family has seen an ever-increasing number of PGA Tour professionals put the product into play, including the likes of Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele and Phil Mickelson, who was involved in the initial design process of the ball.  

chrome soft

Since the ball was first introduced, Callaway have broadened the range to now include the Chrome Soft X and the Chrome Soft X LS. Check out our guide below on everything you need to know about the Callaway Chrome Soft. 

Chrome Soft

When it comes to the Chrome Soft, many golfers have cited the soft feel of ball as the main reason for making the initial switch to the product, gaining a soft yet solid response from all 14 golf clubs.

Callaway have worked hard to ensure that the 2022 version retains this feel, while also investing in the creation of a new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core to provide increased ball speed. In turn, Callaway believes this will allow the Chrome Soft to better compete with other leading golf balls on the market when it comes to distance, including the Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x.

Chrome Soft

In addition to the new Elastic SoftFast Core, the team at Callaway have redesigned the aerodynamic profile of the Chrome Soft in its 2022 version, promoting a stronger and more stable ball flight whilst still utilising Callaway’s unique hexagonal dimple pattern.

The brand believes that the standard Chrome Soft is the best choice ball for all golfers. So if you’re looking to try out a Callaway ball first time, we would recommend starting with the Chrome Soft to get familiar with both the feel and playability of the product.

Chrome Soft X

Like with many of the other ball manufacturers, Callaway now offer an ‘X’ model of their leading Chrome Soft product. The Chrome Soft X is designed to be a touch firmer than the standard version, providing a little more spin to your game throughout the bag.

Chrome Soft

The Chrome Soft X is now Callaway’s most popular ball on Tour, with the faster swing speeds of the world’s best players generating higher ball speeds and more greenside spin. Overall, the Chrome Soft X is a touch more workable than the standard Chrome Soft due to its slightly higher spinning profile. The Chrome Soft X is therefore a great option for golfers who like to move their ball more in the air.

Chrome Soft X LS

New for 2022, the Chrome Soft X LS is the longest golf ball in the Chrome Soft family. The Chrome Soft X LS pairs the firm feel and fast ball speeds of the Chrome Soft X with a lower spinning profile, helping you to bomb it!

Chrome Soft

The overall reduction in spin produced by the Chrome Soft X LS also helps to keep the ball straighter in the air, both off the tee and when attacking pins. That being said, the Chrome Soft X LS still offers a controlled feel around the greens for the lower handicapped player. 


The Truvis technology was first introduced by Callaway back in 2016, with the football-inspired design proving a huge hit among amateur golfers.

The Truvis pattern helps provide visual feedback when striking the golf ball and rolling it in and around the greens. That is because the design allows the ball to appear slightly larger at address, providing more confidence for golfers when standing over the shot.

Chrome Soft

For 2022, Callaway are now offering their standard Chrome Soft ball with three Truvis colourway options – Shamrocks, Black / Yellow, White / Red.

We love the fun look of the Truvis, plus the added benefit of standing out on the course while knowing nobody is likely to play your ball by mistake! 

Triple Track

The Truvis isn’t the only visual aid that Callaway are offering to golfers within their 2022 Chrome Soft lineup. The brand have once again committed to offering their Triple Track design for the upcoming season.

With three red and blue stripes running down the side of the ball, Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity to improve alignment compared to a regular side stamp. These colours were specifically chosen by Callaway to provide the maximum clarity and ease of alignment following the initial development of the product.

Chrome Soft

When you’re standing over a putt, the three lines therefore make it very easy to see the line at address. This ensures extra help on every putt, especially from testers within 10 feet, where finding the right line is even more crucial for making putts. While it’s most effective for use on the putting greens, Triple Track can also be used as an alignment aid off the tee as well.

To our satisfaction, the Triple Track helps complete the Chrome Soft family, making the options simple and consistent across the board with each of the three balls offered in a standard white, white Triple Track, and yellow Triple Track.

Golfers have flocked to the Triple Track since its introduction, which is why Callaway have introduced the design within the full range of Chrome Soft products. Such has been the popularity that Callaway have now developed a Triple Track design within their Odyssey putter range, allowing golfers to perfectly match up the lines on their ball to those on their putter for maximum accuracy. 

All models in the range have a urethane cover to deliver that soft feel that golfers crave.

Callaway Chrome Soft: The Line-Up

Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft

This 3-piece design is the softest, most forgiving ball in the range. It has low spin on long game shots but high spin around the greens.


Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft X

A 4-piece golf ball and the most popular model on tour. Not as soft as the Chrome Soft due to having a higher compression, it also spins less due to having a firmer mantle over a softer core.


Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

This is the lowest spinning ball in the line-up as it has the softest core. It has the highest compression though, making it the firmest and longest ball in this range.


Chrome Soft
Callaway Truvis

A Chrome Soft with an added visual effect. The design allows the ball to appear slightly larger at address, providing more confidence for golfers when standing over the shot. It still has that signature soft feel.


New for 2022 from Callaway:

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