What is Topgolf and what is your nearest venue?

The Topgolf technology was developed in Watford by twin brothers Steve and Dave Jolliffe. The pair came up with the idea when they were practicing and wondered how they could improve people’s driving range experience.

What is Topgolf?

It is a game that can be played by anyone regardless of their golfing ability. Players score points by hitting micro chipped golf balls at dartboard-like targets in the outfield.

The concept is pretty simple, the nearer the bullseye you hit the ball, the more points you score with bonus points added if the target is further away.

The golf isn’t the only attraction to Topgolf as you can order from a selection of food and drinks to enhance your experience.

How does Topgolf work?


Simply check in and pay, collect your golf balls and choose from the following game modes:

Top Golf

Top Golf’s signature game, players score points by aiming at any target. The more accurate an the further the distance on the shot the more points you score.

Top Break

Game format is based on snooker and players must hit a red target followed by a coloured target. Just like in snooker the higher value colours reward higher points.

Top Chip

For short game fans. The game uses three different targets and you must hit the specified one, hit the wrong target and you’ll see your points disappear.

Top Shot

Similar to Top Chip but the game requires you to hit the targets at different distances. Choosing a certain colour will determine the level of difficulty of the game.

Top Pressure

A test of touch and accuracy with players aiming to hit all nine sections in the yellow target. Points multiply as your progress but if you hit the same section twice you will lose your points.

Where are the Topgolf venues in the UK?

Top Golf currently has three venues in the United Kingdom. These are located at Addlestone, Chigwell and Watford.

Find your nearest Topgolf location here.