Ever asked yourself, what is foursomes? If the answer is yes then don’t worry, we have you covered.

Foursomes is played in many of the big team events in professional golf, including the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup and Presidents Cup.

For those of you who might be scratching your head when the commentators keeping talking about foursomes, here is what it means.

What is foursomes?

what is foursomes?

Foursomes, also known as alternate shot, involves two teams of two players competing directly against each other.

Players in a team take alternate shots using the same ball. So one player hits the tee shot, his playing partner will then hit the next shot, it’s then the first player’s turn again, and it carries on alternating until the ball ends up in the hole.

One player will hit all the tee shots on the even-numbered holes and the other on the odd-numbered holes.

A foursomes match takes place over 18 holes – with one point, or half-a-point in the event of a draw, on offer each hole for the team who takes the fewest shots – until a team has either won or the game is halved.

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