What he said: Quotes from PGA Championship round 2

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We round up the best quotes following the second round of the PGA Championship at Valhalla


Rory McIlroy (World No.1 extends his lead with a 67)

“Conditions were obviously a little tougher than they were yesterday and especially on our front nine which is the back nine, you needed to stay really patient, because the rain was coming down pretty heavily at times.

“It was just about managing your game and putting the ball in the fairway and trying to put it somewhere on the green and I was able to make a few birdies on the back nine and to finish off with that eagle on the last was nice.

I think I’ve had to learn to be a good frontrunner.  I may be wasn’t quite comfortable in that position at the start of my career, or like sort of 2009, 2010, 2011; especially 2011, the Masters, I was four ahead and I wasn’t quite comfortable in that position.

“It’s taken me a couple of years to grow into that where I am comfortable, and, you know, my mind‑set has stayed the same since that day at Augusta.  

“If I’m two ahead going into the weekend here, I’m going to try to get three ahead; and if I’m three ahead, I’m going to try to get four ahead; and if I’m four ahead, I’m going to try to get five ahead. I’m just going to try to keep the pedal down and get as many ahead as possible.”

Ryan Palmer (A 70 in tough conditions keeps the American in the hunt)

“Yeah, feels great, I mean, to be sitting here at 7‑under through two rounds obviously. But yeah, it was tough when we teed off.  

“Wasn’t quite sure if we should have teed off to be honest with you, you could barely see the fairway.  

“I was using both rain gloves I had. Thank you for my short game on the front side, for sure. I was able to have a lot of great up‑and‑downs, and turned at 1‑under and then hit a few good shots on the back.  

“Just kind of struggled there midway through the back nine. I was able to hit great shots coming in and birdied the last two holes.  

“Great feeling. It’s nice to go relax this afternoon sitting at 7‑under going into the weekend.”

Henrik Stenson (A battling 71 for the Swede)

“You are getting no run. So I guess it’s a good 20, 25 yards off the tee balls and with it being so wet on the fairways, you are losing a bit of compression on the second shots as well. 

“I guess every hole would play roughly 30 yards longer with than it would have been with a bit of bounce and firmer conditions. 

“The putting kept me in the game. I didn’t have a great day ball striking wise. I missed too many fairways definitely. That put me in trouble a few times.  

“My putting kept me in the game. I made a few good saves and one or two good birdie putts.  All in all, I have to take it.

“I didn’t have a great day out there, but I still kept it together and that’s a positive. Couple of minutes on the range hopefully and we have the turn it up a bit over the weekend if we want to move forward from here on.”


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