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Shrewsbury junior academy to be sponsored by Greenhous Volvo

Shrewsbury is starting an academy this April to encourage youngsters to play golf.

The club will give children of all ages the opportunity to play and receive expert tuition and has been sponsored by Greenhous Volvo in Shrewsbury.

Junior organiser Richard Beason said: “Golf is a fun game requiring good hand eye co-ordination. There is great satisfaction in blasting a golf ball skyward and our academy will also provide an opportunity to make friends and play in competitions.”

‘We may also discover naturally talented people who make a career in the game’ Junior captain Joe Sherratt and vice captain Larissa Jones will be building a team to play against other clubs and in a national league.

Sherratt said: “We are hoping that some of the young people who attend the academy may want to play competitively, develop their skills with help from the professional coaches and get selected for the team.

Larissa added: “I’m also hoping a number of girls come to the academy, so we have a team with several girls in it.”

The academy is being sponsored by local business Greenhous Volvo in Shrewsbury. General manager Steve Rowson said: “I’m delighted to be sponsoring the academy. I hope local children will come and discover how fun golf can be, make new friends and get to play competitively. We may also discover naturally talented young people who go on to make a career from the game.

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