For the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the BBC are providing the coverage for all the events, including the golf.

Round 1 – Thursday 11th August

The competition starts at 11:30 UK time on Thursday 11th August. Although it isn’t the main event being shown on that day, BBC Four are providing updates of the event throughout the afternoon, starting from 1pm.

Round 2 – Friday 12th August

Day seven of the Olympics and day two of the golf is also being shown on BBC Four, with coverage starting from 1pm.

2016 Olympics

Round 3 – Saturday 13th August

Third round coverage of the golf is being shown live on BBC One from 5:20pm.

Final Round – Sunday 14th August

From 7pm on BBC Four, the final round of the golf is the main event being shown, as we witness who will be the first golfing medalists in 112 years.

If you are unable to watch the golf in front of the TV, live coverage will also be shown on the BBC Sport website, meaning you can watch on the go and never miss a shot.