US Open golf: Mike Davis reacts to course set-up criticism

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The USGA's Executive Director has defended himself in light of Zach Johnson's comments

Zach Johnson infamously came out with some less than complimentary comments about the USGA’s set-up of Merion yesterday, calling the course ‘manipulated’ and asking them to ‘just let it be’.

Mike Davis has responded.

The USGA Executive Director said: “I thought Merion played beautifully.”

“It’s a celebration of architecture and history. Yes, some of the short holes when you have nine irons and wedges in, they are challenging hole locations, but they have to be.

“Contrary to what people think, we don’t use the winning score as a barometer – there’s too much we can’t control. We just want the course to play right.

“We knew it was going to play tough all along – it’s a tough course!”

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