You've seen what we had to say on the Spieth 4, now here's what we think about the men's and women's Hovr range from Under Armour

The Under Armour golf shoes range is as expansive as it’s ever been for 2020. Underneath the tech-heavy Spieth 4 shoes – which we have reviewed separately – is the impressive Hovr range, including four men’s models, reviewed by Alex Perry, and two women’s models, reviewed by Hannah Holden. Let’s break them down so you can see which would be the right shoe for your game…

Under Armour Hovr Drive GTX  

Under Armour golf shoes

First impressions: UA like to blur the lines between traditional and modern golf shoes and you have to applaud them for that.

Tech: The Hovr cushioning is not only designed to be soft but to return energy as your foot moves. Rotational resistance spikes provide excellent horizontal traction.

NCG verdict: A Spieth 4 Lite, if you will. If you’re not interested in everything the Spieth 4 has to offer then this is a perfect substitute. Though with only £20 difference in the price I’m not sure why you wouldn’t take the next step…

RRP: £150

Under Armour Hovr Show SL GTX

Under Armour golf shoes

First impressions: And here they are in a spikeless model. The Hovr Show seems to be suffering from somewhat of an identity crisis. Is it a traditional golf shoe? Is it a trainer?

Tech: This spikeless offering gives you a lighter more flexible feel but still features rotational resistance grips on the sole for traction and power.

NCG verdict: Just because I’m not keen on the looks, doesn’t mean this isn’t a great golf shoe. If you want a load of tech in spikeless form then these are for you. Of the four, these were the least comfortable I tried but there’s got to be some compromise on that front.

RRP: £140

Under Armour Hovr Matchplay

Under Armour golf shoes

First impressions: The best looking spiked model in the Under Armour range.

Tech: The Matchplay sole features a compression mesh energy web with integrated foam for a zero gravity feel and maximum comfort. 

NCG verdict: Comfortable straight out of the box and solid performance on the golf course. A full £50 cheaper than the Spieth 4, this is the model I would go for if I wasn’t in a position to go all out on Jordan’s favourites.

RRP: £120

Under Armour Hovr Fade SL

Under Armour golf shoes

First impressions: Now we’re talking! What a great looking shoe.

Tech: Designed for all-day comfort and style the spikeless outsole gives a lighter more flexible feel.

NCG verdict: No frills, no problem. Really stylish and incredibly comfortable straight out the box, too. I’ve had these for two weeks now and have barely left my feet. I probably have them on now. At £90 you can’t really go wrong. Oh, and they only weigh 258 grams, if you’re into that sort of thing.

RRP: £90

Under Armour Women’s Hovr Drive

Under Armour golf shoes

First impressions: A traditional style golf shoe in terms of shaping and with the spiked outsole. The splashes of colour and variety of materials and textures really add to the visual appeal of this shoe.

Tech: Engineered fit to support a women foot structure, featuring Hovr foam for comfort and energy return as well as rotational resistance grips to harness power. 

NCG verdict: The structure of these shoes is fantastic, they really fit the foot well and provide great arc support which I think is really important. I really like the fit of higher backed shoes like these, but often find they end up rubbing on the back of my foot. So the soft foam material on the heel of these is an excellent addition. 

RRP: £120

Under Armour Women’s Hovr Fade SL

Under Armour golf shoes

First impressions: I love the style and would be happy wearing these both on and off the golf course. The small additional details such as the stitching and the orange colour pops on the heel and laces are a great touch.

Tech: The knit tongue construction provides enhanced fit and breathability which adds to the overall comfort of this shoe.

Verdict: Straight from the get go these are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have tested all year. I really like the integrated lacing system as it makes the shoe fit much more securely especially around the ankle. The wider sole gives you a great solid base for generating power.

RRP: £85

Under Armour Hovr 2020: Overall verdict

Alex: Under Armour’s best range to date, no doubt. They’ve fixed their comfort issues of previous years and I can’t find fault in the performance. Good looking shoes all round and, most importantly, cater for those of us who have wide feet. If you’re forcing me to choose one pair? The Hovr Fade. I’m a casual golfer who wants a pair of spikeless that I can put on at home and be confident they’ll provide me with comfort and performance until I get home, whether I’m playing 18 or smacking a few on the range.

Hannah: The Hovr Drive is the type of shoe I gravitate to more because, as a serious golfer, I want all the technology on offer and I like the sporty style. Sometimes you feel like you have to give up comfort for performance but this wasn’t the case at all. In fact the Hovr foam in the sole was so comfortable to walk on and you can really feel the energy return it is providing when walking and when hitting shots. I’ve been so impressed by these shoes they have become my go to shoes when heading out on the golf course.

Available: Now

More information: UA Golf website

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