We’ve been fans of Under Armour golf shoes since they finally reached the UK market in 2016.

We’d seen the likes of Jordan Spieth, Matt Fitzpatrick and Gary Woodland wearing them on tour for some time and it seemed to take an age for them the reach the pro shops over here.

They finally arrived with the Drive One – as worn by Spieth – but it very much had the feel like it was a ’soft launch’ and that there was more to come from the brand.

And it all kicked off in 2017 with the launch of the signature Spieth One shoe and a further four models.

We travelled down to Woburn to see and test out the full range before getting a few additional pairs sent up for testing at Moor Alleron in Leeds.

After testing out all five pairs, here are our findings…

Under Armour golf shoes 2017 – Spieth One

Under armour golf shoes 2017


In a nutshell: The signature shoe for 2017 as worn by the man himself. Designed to help improve stability with strategically placed spikes.

What’s hot: Incredibly comfortable and stable. It’s basically a one-piece upper design with a single seem on the heel. Waterproof, breathable and very easy to wipe clean.

What’s not: Design may not be to everyone’s taste and they aren’t the lightest shoes around.

SRP: £150/£170 BOA

Under Armour golf shoes 2017 – Tour Tips

Under Armour golf shoes 2017

In a nutshell: Very similar to the Spieth One in terms of the tech but with a different design.

What’s hot: All the same performance benefits as the Spieth One but essentially designed for other tour players to wear. Also available with BOA lacing system.

What’s not: No performance issues at all but some will prefer something lighter.

SRP: £130/£150 BOA

Under Armour golf shoes 2017 – Tempo Sport

Under armour golf shoes 2017

In a nutshell: A lighter, more trainer-style version of the above models. Has the same traction technology to keep you nicely planted to the ground and stop you rolling over on your out-step.

What’s hot: These will suit those who want the performance of a spiked shoe but with a softer, lighter upper material.

What’s not: They don’t wipe clean as easily as the above models due to the more fabricy material around the toe and top of the heel.

SRP: £120/£140 BOA

Under Armour golf shoes 2017 – Performance SL

Best spikeless golf shoes 2017

In a nutshell: A fully-waterproof spikeless which still offers great traction.

What’s hot: A superb all-rounder with a lovely cork footbed to add to the premium feel. Really easy to clean. No sacrifice on grip.

What’s not: Not quite as light and comfortable as some spikeless models.

SRP: £110

Under Armour golf shoes 2017 – Tempo Hybrid

Under armour golf shoes 2017

In a nutshell: The brand’s lightweight and super-casual model.

What’s hot: You will want to wear these all the time off the course as they are super-stylish and comfortable.

What’s not: There’s a slight compromise on traction so I’d recommend these more for the summer months on the course.

SRP: £120

Under Armour golf shoes 2017 – NCG verdict

It sounds a very obvious thing to say but there really is something for everyone here.

We feel the Spieth One/Tour Tips take some beating for all-year-round performance. They got a lot of wear over the winter and offered very impressive traction and stability in slippery conditions.

They may be a bit heavy for the summer but if the conditions are anything other than bone-dry, I’d be tempted to keep these in play.

Those who like a trainer-style but always wear spiked will get along great with the Tempo Sport.

And if you’re someone who likes a solid, stable shoe but only go for spikeless these days then the Performance SL could be perfect for you. There’s no compromise on traction but you can wear them from the car to the first tee.

Finally, if you place comfort above all else and want a pair that you can wear down the pub too, we’re big fans of the Tempo Hybrid.

More information can be found on the Under Armour website.