Tyrrell Hatton has achieved plenty in the game already.

He’s won three times on tour, reached number 13 in the world and is almost guaranteed a Ryder Cup debut later this year. He’s only 26 years old.

But his very impressive third place finish at the WGC Mexico was slightly over-shadowed by some trademark outbursts.

Dare we say it, temper tantrums?

Tyrrell Hatton temper

In fairness to Hatton he did get a few rough breaks during his final round including a bobble on his final putt which could have got him into a play-off with Phil Mickelson and Justin Thomas.

But does Tyrrell Hatton need to keep his cool a bit better when things don’t go his way?

Could it actually be harming his chances of having success in the majors and other big events?

Yes, says Steve Carroll

“In many ways, it’s quite compelling to watch.

“It’s like when you’re passing a car accident. You don’t want to, but you feel compelled to take a peek.

“Tyrrell Hatton is always on the edge – a pressure cooker waiting to go off. A bad break, mis-read or poor shot and he’s likely to erupt like a volcano.

Tyrrell Hatton temper

“There will be many out there who feel this is an intrinsic part of the Englishman’s game, that the intensity – and the frustration barely simmering under the surface – is what has propelled him to the top of the world game.

“But I reckon that barely concealed rage is a hindrance far more than it’s a help.

“No one is more aware of these frailties than the man himself. He once rated his mental game as ‘3’ on a bad day and knows that when he plays well it’s due to having a balanced mind.

“When he hit his second shot to the final hole on Sunday night, though, the tension around him noticeably ratcheted.

“Had I been in front of a computer at the time, I’d have been steaming in to back against him.

Tyrrell Hatton temper

“Yes, it wasn’t the easiest chip and, absolutely, he got a bobble on the putt. But, in my eyes, those two mis-steps were a consequence of that missed approach and the way it affected him.

“When the chip went awry, it was as if he was looking for an excuse – ludicrously blaming the grass around the green.

“Regardless of the bobble, it didn’t look to me the most decisive of strokes on the putt, either.

“Hatton is an exceptional talent and is going to win a bunch of tournaments. I always feel, tough, when the pressure is at its highest in those biggest of events, that he’s the one who will crack in a fit of pique.

“It’s something he’ll have to control if he’s really determined to be a major player.”

No, says James Savage

“Tyrrell Hatton is a character. The sort of character we need in golf. He’s passionate and wants to win.

“And he’s very much a normal lad rather than a robotic tour pro who trots out the same cliches week after week about ‘just needing a few more putts to drop’.

“Sometimes it can be a bit cringey to watch. “That grass is completely different to the rest of the course,” he gasped after failing to chip close on 18.

Tyrrell Hatton temper

“But you can’t take your eyes off him. He adds entertainment which is what live sport is all about.

“I’d much rather watch a player like Tyrrell Hatton who wears his heart on his sleeve.

“In the final round of the WGC Mexico his frustrations just proved that he wasn’t happy with finishing in the top five with a fat pay cheque and a heap of world ranking points.

“He wanted to win. He wanted to beat Mickelson and Thomas not just tag along for the ride.

Tyrrell Hatton temper

“There are far too many boring pros who plod along week after week, pick up their money and move along to the next event without anyone actually noticing they were there.

“Hatton is also a good character off the course. He’ll be very intense on the course and get frustrated when things don’t go his way.

“But off the course he doesn’t take himself too seriously and will often be the first person to take the mickey out of himself.

“If he needs to wind himself up a bit on the course to produce his best golf then that’s fine by me. I think he’s making a pretty decent go of it at the moment.”

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