Unlike other ball sports out there, golf doesn’t give you the comfort of a standard playing area. Coping with varied terrains and different courses is a vital part of this sport. Considered by many a sport for the elite, golf was never more accessible than in present times. Even if it’s a widespread sport, having the luxury of practicing your skills can be difficult sometimes so you need to make the most of every session. And while we’re aware there’s nothing like being on the field with the club in hand and trying various types of swings and positions, reading about it is also very helpful. We’ve put together some of the best tips to improve your game, according to top coaches and by ruling out all those useless tips you can find on the internet. 

First Things First – The Address Position

Even before we start talking about your swing and the way you hit the ball, it’s all about the way you prepare for that action. The basics of the set-up like aim, grip or stance will influence the quality of all the following actions. You see, there’s no wonder that all great golfers have one thing in common – an excellent address position. And the best part about this is that you don’t need to possess top athlete abilities to work on your address position. You just need to be committed and work tirelessly to get in your best swing platform. 

Hitting the Ball Straighter Instead of Further

When you watch gold being played on the TV, all the commentators and basically every pro golfer out there put the focus on the distance the ball travels. And while distance is also very important, you should focus on reducing your handicap by hitting it straighter or at least in the direction you want it to go. The trick is to understand the connection between the clubface and the swing path so that you develop more ball control. Once you figure out how to keep your ball straight, you can work on distance as well. 

Improve From Close Range as Well

While most golf players focus on the long shots, improving on close range hits can dramatically influence your performance. Sure, you think you have to do great on the long ones to get on the tee, however, just like in sports betting, it’s also about the finesse. Start working on your face aim since the blade aim controls over 92% of the start line, and take it from there. 

Hit More Greens Using Your Wedge

This is no secret as most greens are hit with a wedge and the vast majority of club players do it. However, many greend get missed because the ball is sent the wrong distance. So, continuing the previous tip, get as much practice time hitting wedge shots at various distances by adapting the swing. Try to keep a constant pace to your swing an actually control the hit so you can better control the distance when hitting with a wedge. 

Understand Your Physical Capabilities

We know that the whole idea behind improving is pushing your limits further and further, however, with gold you need a different approach. First off, stop comparing yourself to tour players because you’re never going to improve that way. Understanding exactly what your body is capable of doing and working with that to improve your swing is a better way. Understanding your limits and what’s holding your back will help you really work on those weak points and come up with a strategy that works best for you! 

Fuel Your Body Properly

You may not put a lot of thought in this, however, eating a proper meal before golfing is very important. Of course, we’re not talking about finishing your lunch and then heading to the golf course. Start with a nutritious breakfast in which you can combine slow-release carbs with proteins so that you have plenty of energy. Make sure you hydrate properly and take some snacks with you if you’re planning to spend the entire day practicing. Some nuts or dry fruits work best for giving you that extra energy to keep going throughout the day.