Top 10: Worst hairstyles in golf

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Because we can't all be Robert Rock...

Imagine this…you go to your barbers. Sit down and instead of asking you what style you’d like, they go rogue. Inflicting an abomination on your scalp that not even a mother could love.

We’re talking bad hair, and we know we could make this all about Ian Poulter, but surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) there are some serious bad hair days going on in golf.

Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders in the game…because we can’t all be Robert Rock…seriously it’s like a work of art.

10. Charley Hoffman


We’re not sure if that is a mullet or an attempt at a ’surf-style’ do. But whatever it is, there is no place for it on the golf course.

Kill it with fire.

9. Ian Poulter


We could have had 10 of the worst hair-cuts of the Englishman, but we’ve gone for his effort at the 2004 Masters. It’s like a boiled sweet made love to a poodle.

Strong look Ian.

8. Rickie Fowler


The American must have been channelling a young Zach Efron – or attempting to become an extra in High School Musical when he decided this is the style he wanted.

Either way – it’s not like his shaved head look is any better! What was he thinking with that USA haircut? Crikey.

7. Rory McIlroy

The current World Number One had some shockers when making the transition from Amateur to Professional.

But we’ve gone for this from 2009, it reminds me of a bear. Or a the kind of bed head you get if you were bed bound for several years.

Thankfully Rory has seen sense and sorted it out.

6. Camilo Villegas


If you’ve got it flaunt it – so they say. But in all honesty Camilo, you look like Martina Navratilova with that haircut pal.

The upside is you don’t get the back of your neck burned though – so it’s a little bit of swings and roundabouts then.

5. Darren Clarke


The Ryder Cup captain sported what can only be described as a ’Pot Noodle’ head. The cigar tops it off though Darren.

Get yourself to the barbers – and tell them WE sent you Darren.

4. Jordan Spieth


I do feel a little guilty about this one. To be thinning at 21-years old is just upsetting – I can only assume – but we’ve seen it now Jordan and we can’t un-see your barnet.

Get some sort of treatment – you can afford it!

3. Jason Day


There’s something about a mullet. If accompanied with a moustache it’s almost like making a joke of yourself. But the U.S. PGA Championship winner didn’t really do it justice.

2. John O’Leary


Reluctant to add this to our Top 10 as it’s a work of art in some respects – an attempt at an afro is surely to be commended not chastised.

But alas, the Irishman has to be added as he looked like a big gingerbread man or a lollipop.

1. Miguel Angel Jimenez


I was reluctant to put Jimenez on this list, as Miguel knows how to rock the locks.

But the Spaniard is old enough to know better – and his barber should have nipped this in the bud a long time ago.
Congratulations Miguel, you have the worst hairstyle in the world of golf.


Notable mentions

Andres Gonzales

Without the moustache Andres would be on the list – no questions asked.

But the moustache just makes his wild locks that much more palatable. It’s like a triple-threat. Sideburns, moustache and hair.


Corey Pavin

It was the 80s and somehow it was the style of the time…the less said the better.

Barry Lane and Mark Roe

Again the 80s, but there’s still no excuse for having a poodle on your head.

Sergio Garcia
A one-time offender – the Spaniard has a pretty standard by-the-numbers barnet – but for some reason he decided to channel a bit of Liverpool midfielder and namesake Sergio Garcia during 2008.
It just made the bridesmaid of golf look like a sleazy car salesman.
Come on Sergio! I looked up to you!
Thankfully he’s sorted it now.

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