Sam Harrop's ode to Tony Finau is so good it even drew praise from the man himself. We found out how the viral song came together

When Webb Simpson birdied his last three holes to edge out Tony Finau in Phoenix it set off something in Sam Harrop’s mind more than 5,000 miles away in Dorset, the result of which will be one of the highlights of the year.

Harrop, a sheet music publisher and passionate golf fan, spent just a couple of days making notes and writing some lyrics and, to the tune of REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling, put together a Twitter hit that captured the attention of Finau himself. Here it is, in its brilliant glory….

We got straight on the phone to Harrop…

What have the past 24 hours been like?

I thought there was half a chance that one or two pro golfers would watch it and hit like but I didn’t expect it to go quite as big as it has. I posted it at 4pm and it escalated very quickly.

When did you decide to write it?

It was flying around my head the night after Phoenix and then over the course of the next few days I was making notes on my phone. I had the chorus down first as I thought it would go particularly well with the song which has such a good melody. It’s on the John Lewis advert and is an American song so it had a nice mix and it took me a few days to tidy it up and make it flow. Once I was happy and I had decent enough lyrics I just filmed it at home on Thursday.

What are your favourite lines?

I’m fascinated by people who struggle to get over the line so probably the Charles Howell one. I’m happy that I managed to get him in and I like the Lee Westwood one which came right at the end.

I didn’t have a very good line for that and it was initially about win number two and ‘when it’s going to be?’ but I thought that was a bit dry and I needed something funny to bridge that section of the song. And I needed an ‘e’ rhyme and ‘Lee’ came to me and we had another person who can struggle with their putting.

More than 100,000 watched it in the first 24 hours and Finau himself is expecting a remix when he does get over the line. What have you got lined up for a follow up?

I had no expectations of how it might be picked up and I hadn’t really considered a follow up but Phil Mickelson is my all-time hero. I’m also left-handed, so possibly him but it’s tricky as you need the right kind of angle. Finau was obvious so with Mickelson you need a central point to focus on.

Some people have suggested Patrick Reed, Matt Kuchar, or Bryson DeChambeau.

The lyrics show a proper knowledge of the game, how much of a golf nerd are you? Your Twitter profile pic is of you and Tommy Fleetwood..

I like to have a bet on golf which is where it started and I used to do a blog about eight years ago which I haven’t got time for now. I play now off 21 and I watch a lot of it. But my normal job is I work for a sheet music publisher which is part of the reason I play for my own enjoyment.

I was going on holiday to Italy in 2018 and Fleetwood happened to be on the same flight as me so I got a quick photo with him.

How fascinated are you by Finau?

He’s one of my favourite players as he hits it a mile and he’s so good to watch but I find anyone who plays so well and so consistently and has so many runner-up finishes and comes so close fascinating.

Were you slightly anxious that it may be taken in the wrong spirit?

I really like him and I didn’t want to be disrespectful and there was a part of me that might have been a bit worried but I don’t think I was too harsh on him and I was hoping that he would take it in jest, not that I ever thought he would ever see it.

What do you put it down to?

I put it down to bad luck in how well others have played down the stretch. Webb Simpson birdied the last three holes and Finau didn’t do anything wrong in Phoenix, he just needs a good break.


There has now been a follow-up and it’s on a brilliant par with the original. Enjoy…

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