Many ball manufacturers claim to have models that are the ‘longest on the market’ or produce ‘maximum distance’.

Titleist aren’t shying away from making the same claim with their new Velocity ball, but, for the first time, I actually believe them.

At a recent media day, they explained that the Velocity had to be re-designed FIVE times before it conformed to the R&A’s rules on ball speed.

“It’s the first time we’ve had to reign a ball in,” said the brand’s head of R&D Bill Morgan.

“Usually we’re trying to make a ball longer and get it up to the limit, but this one had to be re-designed five times before we knew we could make it consistently legal for tournament use.”

The Velocity replaces the brand’s famous NXT ball but instead of improving the NXT, Titleist’s engineers started from scratch.

Morgan said their main aim with the Velocity was all-out distance, but he didn’t want it to come at the expense of feel.

“I gave the guys [his R&D team] two instructions,” he said.

“I want serious distance, but with 90 compression – I don’t want a rock.”

The Velocity’s compression – a basic measurement of how easy the layers are to compress on impact – means it should feel as soft as a Pro V1 on full shots. However, the firmer cover means it won’t offer the same spin and control on chips, pitches and putts.
The Velocity had to be re-designed FIVE times before it conformed to the R&A’s rules on ball speed. When quizzed by a fellow scribe on how effective the Velocity would be on a fiddly approach to a tight pin, Morgan explained that if that is what is most important to you when selecting a ball, the Velocity is not for you.

That’s not to say players of all abilities won’t be able to use the ball, it just means if you value short game control above all else, perhaps a softer, high-spin model is more appropriate.

Technologically speaking, what gives the Velocity its sheer speed is a new LSX core – the fastest the company have ever made – and a fast cover with their most effective (distance-wise) dimple design – the 332 seen on a previous incarnation of the Pro V1x. This makes the ball’s flight peak further down range for more carry.

Finally, Titleist are offering the Velocity in double-digit numbers. As well as the standard 1-4 offerings, golfers can select numbers 11, 22, 33 and 44.


SRP: £28 for dozen
t: 01480 301 114


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