Titleist TS4 driver review: First impressions

The new TS4 will make its debut this week on the PGA Tour at the Valero Texas Open.

Like the T2 model the new TS4 from Titleist is a simpler club head rather than the super adjustable head, which we saw in the 917. The hosel does however allow for 16 different loft and lie settings.

The new Titleist TS4 driver comes in 430cc head.

This driver is part of  Titleist’s Speed Project (TS) where the focus has been ball speed and distance.

“TS drivers have exceeded all our expectations both on tour and with golfers around the world,” says Titleist’s Josh Talge. “When it comes to driver performance, TS has shown that it’s no longer a one- or two-horse race.”

Titleist TS4 Driver Review

Titleist TS4 driver review: The technology

So what have Titleist changed in the TS4 driver?

Titleist Ts4 Driver Review

The Ts4 is designed to produce high ball speed whilst having ultra-low spin. Titleist want to prove extreme spin reduction can still produce high levels of ball speed.

“While we know most golfers find their best fit in a TS2 or TS3 driver, there is a percentage of players out there with distinct performance needs, such as aggressive spin reduction,” Talge tells us. “TS4 is the ultra low-spin that still produces exceptional ball speed. If you want to hit it longer but are having trouble controlling spin off the tee, TS4 was made for you.”

An ultra-thin titanium crown has allowed weight to be repositioned for ideal launch. The streamlined aerodynamic design of the Titleist TS4 features a 430cc classic pear-shape driver head.

The TS4 features a low and forward Centre of Gravity, the CG is 5mm further forward than in the TS2, this is engineered to produce ultra-low spin.

Titleist TS4 Driver Review

“When it comes to ultra-low spin drivers, there’s always going to be some trade-off in terms of MOI,” Talge said. “But for those golfers who create too much spin because of the way they deliver the club head, we know through our player testing that TS4 can give them greater distance consistency versus what they would see in a higher-MOI product.”

Titleist TS drivers review: NCG verdict

I haven’t got my hands on one of the new TS4 drivers to test yet so keep an eye on National Club Golfer for a review in the near future…

I currently have a Titleist 915 in my bag which I love but I do sometimes struggle with launching the ball high with a lot of spin so hopefully this is something the TS4 can improve upon.

The TS4 visually looks great I especially like the shape in set-up so I’m really excited to test this new driver.

Titleist TS4 Driver Review

Titleist TS4 driver review: The details

SRP: £499

Lofts: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° (LH 9.5° only)

Shafts: Even Flow T1100 White 65, HZRDUS Smoke Black 60TENSEI AV Series Blue 55, KURO KAGE Black Dual Core 50. Titleist also offer a number of custom shaft choices

On sale: July 27, 2019

More information can be found on the Titleist website.

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