Our Titleist TS fairways review took place largely at Woburn but was followed by launch monitor and on-course testing at Leeds Golf Centre, Moor Allerton and Hillsborough.

Titleist TS fairways review: First impressions

Like with the new TS2 and TS3 drivers we have a super-adjustable model and a simpler, non-adjustable model.

Titleist TS fairways review

Both have very similar headshapes and the same black crown.

We can see that the SureFit CG adjustable weight has been moved closer to the face on the TS3 than on the 917 models.

We think this is a good move from Titleist as there will be some people out there who just want a simple 3-wood or 5-wood.

Others will prefer to get properly dialled in for a particular shot shape or to try and help straighten out a common miss.

Titleist TS fairways review: The technology

Titleist TS fairways review

We’ve got similar technology to the drivers which is all focussed on creating more club speed and ball speed.

There’s a thinner, lighter crown, a thinner, faster face with weight savings used for optimised centre of gravity placement.

Titleist have also tweaked the active recoil channel (ARC) which we’ve had in the 915 and 917 models.

It’s new design which runs up a bit higher behind the face to add even more flexibility and ball speed.

Titleist TS fairways review

We’ve no longer got the ARC in the drivers but Titleist said it remained essential on the fairways for shots which are struck lower on the face.

Titleist say the TS3 should launch a bit lower and with a bit less spin than the Ts2.

So that’s the lowdown on the new Titleist TS fairways, but how did they perform? See the results and James’s verdict on the next page…

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