Dan’s thoughts
Nothing looks quite like a Vokey, and there is no other wedge that a better player would rather have in the bag.

In SM5, the options are even more extensive than ever before in terms of finish, loft and bounce. 

The designs are subtle and precise, which is great for chipping. 

My only concern is being able to hit my distances on full shots.

Stunning visuals and the most appealing finishes.
You need to be good with the wedges to use them properly.

James’ thoughts
The bounce and grind options throughout the range are brilliant.

I have to admit I’m not that comfortable hitting full shots with bladed wedges but around the greens and in the bunkers I was completely happy once I found the right combinations.

Although I’d class these as better-player wedges, I think mid-high handicappers can reap the benefits of feel and spin on offer. I preferred the chrome and gold finishes as the black was a little intimidating.

The versatility means players of all abilities can find something which works for their technique and home course.

Top of the class for options. Ultimate performance for chipping.
Too hard to choose between the Tour Chrome and Gold Nickel options!

Bob Vokey on the importance of the right bounce and grind
“Some don’t understand what the wedge does and what the bounce is for. 

“We’ve got all these grind options which have been working out on tour for 10 years.

“But how can we translate that to the club golfer? We can use the bounce and grind to match the technique of the average club golfer. 

Vokey SM5 wedges – bounces and grinds explained

“Also, what type of turf they play off and what is the sand in the bunkers like? 

“You can play on different courses but your swing travels with you. 

“We can fit you into the right bounce and grind so that the contact point on the wedge stays consistent. 

“Dial in the gaps, get the right grind for shots around the green and then make sure it works in the bunker.”

Getting fitted for Vokey wedges with Bob Vokey

SRP: £105
Lofts/Bounce: 46/08, 48/08, 50/08, 50/12, 52/08, 52/12, 54/10, 54/14, 56/10, 56/14, 58/04, 58/07, 58/8, 58/11, 60/04, 60/07, 60/8, 60/11, 62/08
Finishes: Tour Chrome, Raw Black, Gold, Nickel
Left-hand? Yes