NCG's Hannah Holden and professional golfer Nick Marsh put the new Titleist balls through their paces

In my Titleist Pro V1 review, I’m joined by professional golfer Nick Marsh to see how the 2021 Pro V1 and Pro V1x stack up against the previous 2019 models.

Now I’m a Pro V1 user while Nick prefers a Pro V1x, so we put both balls head to head against their predecessors in three different scenarios – from the tee, off the fairway, and on the green.

Do they feel different? What is the flight like? How much do they spin? And, crucially, do they fly any further? You’ll find out in our Titleist Pro V1 review below.

Oh, and we’ve got a year’s supply of Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x balls to give away to one lucky viewer! You can find out more about that on our competitions page.

Titleist Pro V1 review

All clothing and shoes used in my videos are supplied by FootJoy. This video was filmed at Rudding Park using a GC Quad launch monitor from Foresight.

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