How does the Titleist Cart 14 StaDry Golf Bag perform? Jack Backhouse got wrapped up and went out to play in the rain to find out

Titleist StaDry waterproof bags are iconic. Every golfer knows about them; most golfers who are willing to play in the rain have had one, and we all trust them. Year after year, Titleist do a brilliant job upgrading the bags, and the 2023 model might just be the best in class.

I don’t often use a cart bag or a golf trolley when playing, but with a refreshed appetite for competition golf, they are a useful ally to have for when the weather turns, and you’re stuck out on the golf course in the rain. So how did I find it? Find out in our Titleist Cart 14 StaDry Golf Bag review below.

Titleist Cart 14 StaDry Golf Bag Review: NCG Summary

titleist cart 14 stadry
4.5 star review

If you’re looking for a waterproof golf cart bag, then look no further than the Titleist Cart 14 StaDry. Room, there is so much room! You will never be able to fill the storage as there’s so much of it, and there’s so much space at the top of the bag with the 14 club dividers golf club organisation has never been so easy.

You will have no issue getting this bag out of the car and onto a buggy or trolley as it’s so light, even with full pockets. All the zips are waterproof and sealed, so you can be happy that the contents of your bag will stay dry no matter how serious the downpour is.


  • Lightweight
  • More storage than you could ever wish for
  • Definitely waterproof
  • 14-way club divider


  • Pricey

Titleist Cart 14 StaDry Golf Bag

Now: £239
titleist cart 14 stadry golf bag review

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First Impressions

This is a great-looking golf bag. I would have liked any of the seven different colour choices Titleist offers in the Cart 14 StaDry bag, but this all navy option is really cool. I couldn’t believe how light it was with nothing in it, weighing in at just 2.7kg; I thought a bag that was this waterproof was certain to be heavier.

I’ve been out of the trolley/cart bag game for a number of years, my last being an old tour bag I had when I was a junior and clearly wanted to look like I was a lot better than I actually was. My memories of that was a big, heavy, clunky thing that was a pain to take anywhere and would often wear out the battery of the trolley I was using.

Since then, I’ve been a pencil bag user, so I was looking forward to reminding myself how enjoyable golf can be when you have everything you need in your golf bag and are prepared to do battle when the rain comes.

titleist golf bag

Titleist Cart 14 StaDry Golf Bag: NCG Review

I don’t see how a brand can make a waterproof cart bag any better than this. It’s a bold statement, but I stand by it. Titleist have been making seriously good cart bags for a long time now and have pretty much covered all of the golfer’s needs.

I tested this bag on one of the worst golfing days of the year during one of National Club Golfers equipment testing weeks at my home club Sand Moor in Leeds. It rained. A lot. For pretty much the entire time we were out on the course. Perfect conditions for a waterproof bag test, I guess.

As I was moving my gear out of my regular pencil bag into the Titleist Cart 14 StaDry I was astounded by how much room there was for all my clubs. I’m so used to my clubs rattling around and getting caught when being pulled in and out the bag it felt somewhat weird how easy it was.

It was at this point, too, that it dawned on me just how much you can get into the pockets of this golf bag. It has a whopping nine pockets, and I had no idea what to put in all of them. I suppose a normal player might keep their waterproofs in there, along with maybe a jumper, food and drink etc. But I still don’t think you could fill it to capacity without having to pack your full wardrobe and include three dozen balls.

As it was already raining when I arrived at the club, I put the attached the rain hood on swiftly and easily and got it on my trolley, prepared to do battle against another NCG employee who was too testing a waterproof bag. There were no other golfers in the car park and the queue to get onto the first tee was, well, none existent.

titleist stadry golf bag review

The features of this bag are just worth highlighting, as there are so many of them.

The bag is polyester which shaves off weight making it super light but also pretty durable. Every pocket has waterproof seam-sealed zippers, so you know that whatever you put into the pockets will come out dry at the end of your round. I can confirm this is true, as my wallet and phone came out intact.

Titleist have this year made the entire bag symmetrical, so it has an equal amount of waterproof storage on both sides. This is one more for the buggy users who, when sharing a buggy, can often be found fighting their bags, looking for something in the pockets crammed next to their playing partner’s bag.

I really liked the plastic handles on the sides of the 14-way top cuff, as it made the bag really easy to handle in and out of the car and when positioning on the trolley. This isn’t a huge feature, I know, but I found it made my life easier, so worth noting.

It has a solid premium single strap for carrying the Cart 14 StaDry to the driving range and back, which was comfortable, and I also quite liked that there are two drinks holders. Pencil baggers will often ditch the water bottle to save weight on the shoulder, so having two bottles felt almost luxurious.

This is definitely one of the better Titleist bags I’ve ever used and is a radical shift from that old leather tour bag I used to have. It is at the top end of the price up at £250 recommended retail price, but if you are a fairly serious golfer who wants to get a lot of kit in the golf bag for top performance potential or just live in the UK where it seems to rain all the time, it s a good investment in your game and will last for years.

This bag has made me want to carry less and use a trolley more. I loved the club organisation and dedicated putter well, and it has made me realise how much kit I’m dropping and potentially hindering myself by not bringing out onto the golf course. If you want a new waterproof golf bag, the Titleist Cart 14 StaDry golf bag should be considered.

The Details

Available: Now.

RRP: £250

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