How have Titleist upgraded their performance golf ball alternative to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x? Hannah Holden has everything you need to know

Titleist are back with the third generation of their popular AVX golf ball. Let’s take a closer look…

Titleist AVX 2022: First impressions

I really like the fact Titleist have added the same side stamp as we see on the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. It really highlights that this is part of their premium range and gives you the same alignment options.

Titleist AVX 2022

Titleist AVX 2022: Where it sits in the range

Titleist AVX 2022

The Pro V1 offers a low trajectory, low long game spin, and soft feel.

The Pro V1x offers a high trajectory, high short game, spin and long distance.

Of the three performance golf balls the AVX offers the lowest flight, lowest spin, and a soft feel.

Titleist AVX 2022

The Tour Speed offers soft feel, penetrating flight, and exceptional distance.

The Tour Soft gives you distance, feel, and short game control.

The Velocity gives you a high flight with extremely low long game spin.

The TruFeel offers ultra soft feel with superior distance.

Titleist AVX 2022: The technology

The AVX has a low compression, multi-layer construction.

Let’s start on the outside of the golf ball, where there is a new 348 tetrahedral catenary aerodynamic dimple pattern. Those of you who have been paying attention, that’s four fewer dimples than in the previous model.

To help with aerodynamics, there are also seven different dimple sizes working together, as you can see in this handy graphic:

Titleist AVX 2022

But why? Well, it helps deliver the lower ball flight that is expected from the AVX. It also makes the 2022 AVX longer and more consistent than its predecessor.

Titleist AVX 2022

Sticking with external changes, it also utilises a softer urethane cover. As this sits on top of a hard, high-flex casing, the difference in firmness helps create more spin around the greens.

Don’t worry, we’re going to go inside the ball. There have also been changes here, too, most notably the core has been reformulated to make the outer edges stiffer to contrast with the softer inner section.

Titleist AVX 2022

This reduces spin in your long game, while the high-flex casing layer surrounding this promotes faster ball speeds and aids spin reduction on long shots which means means – you guessed it – more distance.

Titleist AVX 2022: The details

Available: February 4

RRP: £48 per dozen

Colours: White, High Optic Yellow

More information: Titleist website

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