Alejandro Canizares tips

You are nervous as you have left yourself with a horrible shot over a bunker from a tight lie.

Your first job is to clear the bunker. What you don’t want to do is think about the lie too much as the club will get the job done if you swing it properly.

You need to give the ball height so you want to get in the right set-up. The main thing to get a crisp hit is to keep the lower body still. Even pros, when they are nervous, help the ball up. This is when the strike gets a little bit too clean and you lose your height and spin. Alejandro Canizares

I get myself a little bit open and lower to the ground and try not to move the lower body too much. A wider stance will help with this.

The legs have to move but the mistake is when the right leg comes up. Look at Seve when he chipped – he was always low to the ground – he never got high.

We want you low through the ball. The hips and the right side must stay down and never high. The club has more than enough loft to get you out of this tricky spot so use it properly.