Tiger's new 2-iron

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In the latest edition of Equipment Insider, our spy takes a look at the new kit Tiger Woods put into play in Australia...

Tiger Woods has made two changes to his bag line-up.

The former World No 1 often swaps his 5-wood for a 2-iron depending on the conditions, and has done so during practice rounds at the Emirates Australian Open, where the course is generally firm.

He put Nike’s brand new VR-S iron – a forged cavity back that is yet to be released in the UK – into play in order to make it easier to hit high-launching, high-spinning approach shots into par-5s.

The other change Tiger has made is in the fairway wood category – he has replaced his VR Pro 3-wood with a VR Pro Limited Edition wood of the same loft.

Tiger helped design both this club and the accompanying driver but is yet to swap the big-dog.

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