Tiger Woods has given us a sneak peak of his new TaylorMade irons.

Well, phase 1 of their development anyway… They are being referred to as the TW.Phase 1

“I’ve spent time with the TaylorMade R&D and Tour teams on the creation and testing of several new sets of irons for me.

“I am excited to put my first set of TaylorMade proto irons in play this week,” Woods said.

“Every set I have ever put into play is slightly different than the previous. It’s a meticulous process and this is the first phase of that process with TaylorMade. Getting the shape just right, the sole, the topline, grooves, grinds…everything.

“So far so good, and I am looking forward to continuing that process with the team.”

When Tiger Woods signed a deal with the brand at the start of 2017, the metalwoods were never an issue.

Tiger Woods

He went straight into the M2 driver and has now switched to the M3 driver and fairway wood.

Tiger Woods WITB 2018

The irons were always going to be a bit of long-term project and there were no TaylorMade irons on the market that quite suited his eye.

So we’ve seen him use the TGR prototype blades in 2018 which are rumoured to be made by former Nike clubmakers.

Tiger Woods WITB 2018

But ahead of the Wells Fargo Championship Woods posted a picture on social media of his first prototype TaylorMade irons.

They are very much a similar design to his current TGR models – a classic, pure muscleback blade.

TaylorMade irons Tiger

They do look a bit like the current TaylorMade P730 but, dare I say they have a little look of the Mizuno MP-18 about them?

TaylorMade introduced the Rors, Rose, and DJ Proto irons last year which were then released as the P730.

TaylorMade irons DJ

I wonder if a set of Tiger Proto TaylorMade irons will ever be available to buy? Just imagine the hysteria.

Anyway seeing as that’s a long way off we thought we’d run down the current TaylorMade irons which are available to buy in 2018.

We’ve put them in order from smallest to largest…

TaylorMade irons 2018 – P730

TaylorMade irons P730

One of the sleekest blades on the market.

Used by McIlroy, Rose, Day and Johnson, TaylorMade say these are all about the right look, feel and being able to work the ball.

The moment of inertia (MOI, resistance to twisting) will be very low on these clubs because players want to be able to work the ball both ways easily.

SRP: £1,049 (7 irons steel)

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TaylorMade irons 2018 – P750

TaylorMade irons P750

Jon Rahm uses these and McIlroy deploys them in the 3 and 4 iron.

Another Spanish former TaylorMade staff player used these to win the Masters.

A bit more forgiveness than the P730 but still a very compact profile.

SRP: £1,449 (7 irons steel)

TaylorMade irons 2018 – P770

TaylorMade irons P770


Slightly larger than the P750 which is why some players will opt for a combo set with these in the longer irons.

TaylorMade say they have used a Tungsten bar behind the lower part of the face in irons 3-7 for low and centred CG and added stability.

Forged from 1025 Carbon Steel, TaylorMade say the P770 will have a soft but solid feel.

SRP: £1,049 (7 irons steel)

TaylorMade irons 2018 – P790

TaylorMade irons P790

These sit right in the middle of the range offering stunning looks but plenty of helpful technology.

The P790 are hollow with a very thin flexible face. That hollow space behind the face has been filled with what TaylorMade call ‘speedfoam’.

They say it improves the sound and feel without sacrificing any ball speed.

On of the best irons on the market for 2018.

SRP: £1,049 (7 irons steel)

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TaylorMade irons 2018 – P790 Udi

TaylorMade irons P790 UDi

Just available as a 2-iron with 17˚ of loft and a Project X Hzrdus Black shaft as standard.

Surprisingly easy to hit and ideal if you want something with a strong flight and plenty of run out.

SRP: £199 each

More information can be found here.

TaylorMade irons 2018 – M3

TaylorMade irons M3

The newest piece of technology in the M3 irons is something called ‘Ribcor’ which gives the face more stability, allows it to flex more in the impact area and helps improve sound and feel.

There’s also ball speed protection on mis-hits from face slots and a speed pocket on the sole.

The fluted hosel helps save weight which can be used to lower the centre of gravity for high launch.

SRP: £849/£1,049 (7 irons steel/graphite)

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TaylorMade irons 2018 – M4

TaylorMade irons M4

As with the new M3 irons the TaylorMade M4 irons feature something called ‘Ribcor’ which work like stability bars to help the impact area flex more for extra speed.

The face thickness has been reduced which also allows for a bit more flex.

TaylorMade say the Ribcor structure also helps to dampen the vibrations for a better sound and feel.

“With our new Ribcor technology, the M4 iron unlocks a new level of consistency and accuracy in a product designed to be the longest in our irons lineup,” said Tomo Bystedt, senior director of product creation.

SRP: £749/£849 (7 irons steel/graphite)

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TaylorMade irons 2018 – M CGB

TaylorMade Irons M CGB

These irons have been built to have maximum COR. What is COR?

In Tom Lehman’s terms it means how springing the face is. The trampoline effect on the face if you like. In slightly more technical terms it’s how long the ball spends on the face.

So the M CGB are right at the legal limit of that.

We’ve got tungsten used almost in the sole of the club which brings the centre of gravity down as low as possible.

There’s also the speed pocket which all TaylorMade game-improvement irons have had for many years now.

SRP: £849/£1,049 (7 irons steel/graphite)

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