Tiger Woods sweats a lot. And as a result there has been as much talk about the man’s wardrobe as his golf game at the 100th PGA Championship.

The 14-time major champion has been changing his Nike shirts a lot during the opening two rounds at Bellerive.

Tiger Woods sweats

We’ve seen him switch polos as early as the third hole of a round and that’s with putting a fresh one on right before the start of his round.

I think we all know the reason why – it’s very hot and Tiger Woods sweats a lot.

Tiger Woods sweats

The questions I want answered are how many does he take out on to the course with him? And where does he keep them all?

Does he have a wardrobe person who runs them out to him?

Tiger Woods sweats

And what the heck is a port-a-John?

“Normally I change before the round,” Woods said.

“There wasn’t a place to change on the 10th tee. So I waited until we had a little port-a-John there.” It’s portaloo Tiger but please continue…

Tiger Woods sweats

“In the summertime, yeah [I change shirts a lot]. As you know, I sweat a lot, and I lose a bunch of weight. I have the hardest time during summer maintaining weight.”

You’d think Tiger would put a different Nike shirt on each time but he will always wear the same style during a round.

Tiger Woods sweats

But it seems to be more of a serious issue.

“No matter what I eat, no matter what I drink, I just can’t maintain weight,” he added. “So this heat is one of the issues that I have.

“You know, the main thing about major championships is make sure you have enough energy. This is a long run. These are marathons. These are four long days. They’re slow rounds. They’re not quick. Certainly not under these conditions. And with the setup, the rounds are going to be slow.”

Tiger Woods sweats

It was a real shame the weather cut short Tiger’s round on Friday as he was striking the ball nicely and holing some putts as he reached three under par.

But at least it gives his laundry team a chance to get a few more shirts washed…

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